Jan 272011

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Category: Web Girl – Solo (with a HotWife twist)

Toby Tally: n/a

Date Reviewed : Jan. 27, 2011
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The Skinny on MandyMonroe:

  • Pros: Dynamic Newbie, Fucks ’til her Pussy Breaks, An Eager Fan Fornicator, Bonus WebGirls
  • Cons: As a New Site, It Needs Time to Accumulate Content (but Bonus Girls have Tons)

MandyMonroe.com is a personal adult website devoted to Mandy, a HotWife who fucks strangers for her drooling hubby’s viewing pleasure. Though new, this Site slammed into high-gear from the start and stars a sporty Blond Twat running Hot on SEX.

Mandy sez; ” When I got married, my husband and I were both virgins. … I didn’t tell my hubby this in the beginning, but after we were together the first time, I instantly knew that I wanted to fuck other men. Not because he wasn’t amazingly hot, but because sex was sooo so good that I wanted to try it out with others and a lot. ”

The funny thing is — Turns out her husband felt the same. …AND now BOTH want to share it with a lucky World ( Is this a “Golden Age”, or what ?? ) .

Since opening her Site, Mandy has hit the ground fucking to post mind-numbingly-promiscuous content. She devours the classifieds for Fuck-Buddies and eagerly meets fans for sexual fun (on her terms). — Wait till you see what a foot-long Black Cock does to this petite HotWife’s lily-white Poon. Perhaps it may never happen again but at least that time Mandy took a bullet for the team. The black Stud literally broke her Pussy. Ask her about it. …She seems to be a real trooper.

And the special prize at MandyMonroe.com is that the Site is part of a stampeding Stable of Twat. So if Mandy is the one for you …really warms your heart and puts bone in your meat enough for you join with her… then you get equal access to all the other mares in the fucking stable — each WebGirl is different, and all together, there’s a mountain of content.

The free Preview at MandyMonroe is fleeting but adequate . . . The big bio, ” About Me “, introduces Mandy’s wild and gung-ho personality. There are a few Pictures that expand to full-sized, Hi-Res for a clear view of this petite (5′-0”, 34C–27–34) Chick’s juicy assets. I saw she has a cute Clit piercing. The Video previews consist of a couple clips showing her assets on the move and a list of her video updates, each with a thumbnail and text summary. Mandy appears to crave Big Dick, it’s amazing what disappears into this wee slip of a girl. Also included are excerpts from her diary ( she seems to update in detail, regularly ) and info on the bonus WebGirl content ( check out this Bonus Sites deal fully. . .I’m not just blowing smoke ). Although lean, Many’s free Preview is enough to decide if she’s your baby.

In fact, to get a feel for a web Slut’s chemisty, I find personality-packed Bios and listings of prior posts with thumbnails and detailed cations, such as Mandy’s, as useful as heaps of pics and clips. ( I also love seeing the WebGirl is very active and interactive at her Site. )

So Mandy’s a new little trooper wrapped in a tight, sexy package. Judging by her content so far, she’s dynamic. . .and probably will be bouncing under or atop other heaving bodies much more than jerking off solo. She claims to love Pussy but I didn’t notice evidence of THAT content yet in the free Preview. Anyways, Mandy’s off to a great fucking start and ( if she keeps that tiny Twat to the grindstone ) it can only get Better as the Site matures.

To share a ringside seat with her peeping tom Hubby while this horny HotWife humps whoever, give MandyMonroe a try !

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Score: MandyMonroe
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Content Quantity:
Photographic Quality:
User Friendly:
Site Sizzle:
Freebie Extras:
Toby Tally  n/a
Dec 052010

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Category: Web Girl – Solo (with a Creampie twist)

Toby Tally: 85

Date Reviewed : Dec. 6, 2010
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    $89.90–180 day, non-recurring
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The Skinny on CathysCraving:

  • Pros: Nympho-Gone-Wild, Varied Content n’ Plenty of IT, a Dedicated Member Fucker
  • Cons: Images might not be “Hi-Def” enough for some, Picture Set Viewing could be Updated

CathysCraving.com is a personal adult website featuring Swinging HotWife, Cathy. Cathy’s craving many things these days n’ EVERY one is a nasty four-letter word. —

Cathy has been Swinging, and recording it for years, . .even before the Internet. Lucky for us she’s the “Unsinkable Molly Brown” of Fuck and shares it all at a Dick-swelling website lovely built by her hubby with nothing more than a faithful keyboard and dogeared “HTML-for-Dummies.”

Cathy sez; ” Over the past 16 years we have enjoyed 100’s of 3somes, orgies, gangbangs and more. We have 10,000’s of pictures and 1000’s of movies for you to enjoy…. Cathy is not a model or a dancer but a regular wife and Mom who has a huge sexual appetite. Together we built this site and run it ourselves…. We love to involve other people in our sex life and share it here with you … ” — PLUS she’s another enthusiastic member Fucker.

Her free Preview is an educational tour of CathysCraving.com. Sample Video downloads and Photo Galleries show precisely what gets into Cathy. …And the many captioned Thumbnails define exactly what Cathy craves. Plus a page of Bio and FAQ’s give the inside story of this dripping Creampie addict. With nothing held back, choosing to get high on Cathy is an easy decision…

So, if you like your Cum-crazed Nymphos well done, give CathysCraving a try !

And choose your favorite way to enter Cathy — These themed doorways lead to the same content so use the one that strikes your fancy…

CathysCraving.com CreampieCathy.com CumSwappingCathy.com
CathydoesBlacks.com GangBangCathy.com CathyandFriends.com

Who’s Cathy ?

Cathy is a fan-fucking, jizz-swilling, curly-headed Twat who freely shares her Nymphomania with Joe and Jane Six-Pack. And I could call this bone-smoking, carpet-chewing, blue-eyed vixen loads of other names, but you get the idea. In fact, everyone familiar with this butt-fucked, gang-banged, blond-haired Cum Bucket knows she has as much trouble keeping her pants up, as her skirt down. — But enough praise of Cathy, or the little Fuck Muffin will get a swelled head…

Cathy is a smiling, lustful HotWife who found hardcore Swinging too vanilla and took to the Internet. Though a seasoned wife and mom, Cathy’s pale, toned body (5′-6″, 36C-25-39) looks hot amid the gangs of ordinary Joe’s and Jane’s she loves to fuck (often in public). . .And this MILF is Mrs. Robinson, Not Roseanne Arnold. Cathy’s fuckable chassis boasts bountiful handfuls of Tit with big, pale-pink, red-tipped Nipples; smooth, creamy Skin that goes great with black; a hairless closed Clam overhung by a golden, curly Pubes, and airborne Feet with plump, wiggly Toes. For body mods., Cathy has nothing. . .which suits me fine. She goes easy on the colorful face paint, nail polish and decorations, which looks great; Cathy’s enthusiasm for Cock, Cunt and Cum is worth 3 Cover Girl makeovers

Also Cathy likes to Fuck four-eyed. . .I bet the world looks different through cum-splashed glasses.

For Fuckholes; Cathy has a thin-lipped, cock-locking Mouth, often drooling cum; a pale Pussy with low-profile bumpers and skimpy inner lips; and a cock-happy Butt pucker that never found one too big. Cathy’s specialty is packing all these holes with big dicks, often simultaneously and in gangs.

Cathy sez; ” SEX! is what we both want and I gotta tell you I just love it!!! I don’t know why but sometimes it’s something I just can’t get enough of. I love so much about sex I don’t know where to start. The sight, the sound, the smell, the taste. I love it all and there isn’t a lot I won’t try at least once…. I believe sex is something special, something truly beautiful that we can all share, so I’m sharing!!! “

What’s CathysCraving.com Got ?

What’s Cathy craving? — She sez; ” I just love being gone down on by another woman and I especially love being fucked from behind as I’m licking her, mmmm!! … Anal sex is something else I really love. …if done properly it feels fantastic and I love the feeling of his cock in deep. If there is another man present I’ll ask him to fuck my pussy at the same time! … There’s only one thing I find more pleasurable than one man in my butt and another in my pussy and that is having two in my pussy. … Being fully penetrated by two cocks and then feeling them start to move sets me right off and before long I’m literally begging them to fuck me hard and fast. “

Cathy’s content is a toy box packed with Cum Worship, Gang Bangs, Interracial, Girl2Girl, Orgies, Blow Jobs, Ass Play, Multiple Penetration, Fisting, Flashing, Role-play, Swinging and more — Too much to list. Though I didn’t notice heavy promotion of some things …S&M, Bondage, Watersports… they ALL may be at CathysCraving somewheres. The fun of such time-tested WebGirl sites is seeing what’s around the next corner.

I like Cathy’s content; Cum drenched Orgies and Gang Bangs now are her trademark. But judgments on a Site’s pictorial style are individual. . .Cathy’s format and offerings project her insatiable lifestyle so please check it out yourself.

Navigating Cathy’s image collections is simple and direct —

Photos and Videos: CathysCraving’s Picture Sets and Videos are grouped under main categories; “Cathy Swings”, “Creampie Cathy”, “Cathy Does Blacks”, “Gang Bang Cathy”, “Cathy and Friends”, “Bi-Sexual Cathy”, and “Kinky Cathy.” Each category is subdivided by theme, such as “1 on 1”, 3somes, Orgies, etc…. Though Keyword search doesn’t seem available, navigation through Cathy’s selections is direct and each has a clear thumbnail and good description. Each selection also has several links to the available viewing formats, which differ between selections … some have just Video, some just Photos and many have both. Cathy’s videos offer several resolutions for downloading and streaming, including HiRes and versions for dial-up connections. Clicking a video link leads to a page with large thumbnails from the video and links to the available video formats (.wmv, .mpg) for download ans streaming. Clicking a Photo link leads to a page of thumbnails from the picture set … individual pictures are viewed by clicking the thumbnail to see it’s much bigger version, then clicking the browser’s Back button to return to the thumbnail page. This process is slow, but the selections with Photos usually include slide shows or Zip Archive downloads to keep things moving fast (slide shows didn’t work on my copy of Firefox but did work in Internet Explorer).

Cathy has shared her adventures on the Internet through many technology changes. . .especially image quality. CathysCraving.com kept up with the changes and newer videos and photos are Big and Clear, though maybe not offered the SUPER resolutions offered by some sites. Though older selections might display smaller than currently standard, the lower resolution doesn’t diminish their impact. The Site even has a collection of Cathy’s Swinging content from the pre-Internet 80’s and 90’s. Anyways, after you fall hard for Cathy, you’ll crave to see everything she’s done.

Cathy is remastering some older content to improve the image quality and re-issuing them in her “Latest Updates.”

Cathy’s Video and Picture style is good; images generally are well composed, edited and culled. She is sharing a REAL Swinging life (n’ she swings WILD, in remote locations and banging dozens at a go) so settings and camera technique may not always be picture perfect — But who cares ?? — It’s the way you’ll see it when you’re the next guy in line to fuck her. . .If you get the chance.

Other Site Features:

Craving Video: these are “Cathy Movies” …High quality, 30+ minute videos for download or streaming. The movies combine the individual clip files from some of Cathy’s selections into a single file for easy, continuous viewing. –Plus “Bonus Movies” contributed by friends.

Blast from the Past: Collections of Cathy’s pre-digital adventures from before the Internet Age.

Tell Me More !

That’s lots, but is it all ??? Heck NO…

  • Cathy’s Past Camshow Archive – I’m unsure how current Cathy’s webcamming is. . .this archive seems to stop around 2007
  • Other Girl’s Live Cam Shows on “AmateurCamz Camz” (PrivateCamz.com), Sex Cam Central and Home Grown Cams
  • Cathy provides links to some of the brimming ocean of AmateurCamz content…
  • Streaming Bonus movies and WebCams from several feed sites; WMC, Plugin, Exclusive, SEG and even AmateurCamz. Image size and resolution vary between the feeds with some kind of small and OK and others huge and great (especially from “Plugin Feeds”).
  • Latest Updates – Check the list to Catch EVERY new post from Cathy. Issued daily, Updates include contributions from friends and remastered oldies.
  • Site News – Including her annual summer “Road Trip” … YOUR chance to check her out in person.
  • Peter’s POV, DMS or “Do My Slut” – Where Cathy’s hubby shares his skinny on being Cathy’s hubby. And it ain’t just blowing smoke when he sez; “Do my Slut.”
  • Partner Sites, Featured Friends, etc… – Various collections of contributions from other fuck-happy Twats
  • Diary – Cathy is one WebGirl who DOES make detailed diary entries, almost daily.
  • Bio – A short history of Mrs. and Mr. Cathy.
  • Does Cathy make public appearances ??? — Heck … She rents arenas for Gang Bangs !!!
  • Is Cathy physically accessible by members ??? — Dude …Again …She rents arenas for Gang Bangs !!!
  • I saw no mention of Cathy selling personal merchandise like dirty undies, etc… or having a wishlist … So ask her.
  • Cathy is accessible through email and ICQ. PLUS, she eagerly meets members (on her terms, of course). Her hubby also can be emailed.
  • Stories – Adult adventures every bit as Hot as my reviews, maybe hotter
  • Member Submitted Content – Videos, Photos, Stories. . .Cathy asks for anything members want to send.
  • Store – Selling her videos on DVD. The one I checked out was 92 minutes with 26 Creampies. I don’t know whether any of the content is unique or all also found at the Site.
  • Cathy doesn’t have a Forum or Message Board. I like to see what members post, but then few bother anyways.
  • E-Zines – Adult Internet magazines … ‘The Amateur’ seemed mostly up-to-date but ‘REELPORN’ dated back to 2003
  • News – Apparently a “the best of” archive of the home page’s regular “Site News” blurbs, but the most recent was 2007.

Do CathysCraving ?

Cathy’s a woman who would lead an ordinary “wife and mother” life if lusty cravings hadn’t driven her to Swinging sexual adventures that she shares with strangers. Though maybe not Cover Girl glamorous; all things considered, this is a Gorgeous Doll who members can approach, befriend and come back to often.

Plus Cathy has enough content to fill several websites. . .Many amateur WebGirls have two or more sites requiring separate memberships for each. At CathysCraving, a single membership gets everything, under one roof, regardless which “door” you use to enter.

…And the overflowing variety at CathysCraving.com is indescribable. . .do yourself a favor, spring for membership at least once just to check it out.

Visit her Preview to check out Cathy’s look, personality and style —

If she sounds like your kinda Twat, GO FOR IT !

AND get IT at:

Go to CathysCraving.com Go to CreampieCathy.com Go to CumSwappingCathy.com
Visit: CathysCraving.com Visit: CreampieCathy.com Visit: CumSwappingCathy.com
Go to CathydoesBlacks.com Go to GangBangCathy.com Go to CathyandFriends.com
Visit: CathydoesBlacks.com Visit: GangBangCathy.com Visit: CathyandFriends.com

image of Toby's Tattle

Score: CathysCraving
Update Frequency: 95
Content Quantity: 87
Photographic Quality: 82
User Friendly: 80
Speed: 85
Site Sizzle: 83
Personality: 87
Freebie Extras: 77
Toby Tally  85
May 122010

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Category:  Web Girl – Solo  (with an Asian twist)

Toby Tally:  79

Date Reviewed : May 12, 2010
Go to LanaLeesWorld.com
Go to: LanaLeesWorld

  • By Credit Card, On-Line Check or Phone Billing (charged to Phone #):
  • $29.99–30 day, $49.99–60 day, recurring

The Skinny on LanaLeesWorld:

  • Pros:  Enthusiastic Sinner-in-Training, Variety, New Site has Running Start, Free Web Shows
  • Cons:  Content Display/Navigation needs Tweaking, More Personal Info would be welcomed

LanaLeesWorld.com is a fresh NEW personal adult website featuring the Chinese fox, Lana, who’s a lean, dark-eyed Doll with glamor up the ying-yang. Thing is. . .she’s a good girl who wants to go bad and wants members watching as she commits each new Sin.    IN FACT — as I wrote this review, she filmed and posted her FIRST Lesbian hookup !!!

Lana sez; ” I Love showing off and I record everything I do just for my members.. So you’ll see hours of my personal videos and tons of pics..ranging from cute softcore teasing all the way up to triple XXX hardcore ! I’m not a professional Porn Star..just a horny amateur girl who loves showing off.. I Show you Everything..Teasing..Sucking..and Fucking..indoors and out.. “

Lana’s free Preview has several sample video clips and enlargeable thumbnails of recent Updates (just look how small her waist is). There also are pictures from her Girlfriend’s updates and a bit of personal info. Though not packed with free content, what’s there provides more than enough of her Look, Personality and Style to decide if Lana is for you…

If you want a Hot Asian chick zipping down Sin’s slippery slope, enter LanaLeesWorld !

Who’s Lana ?

There are 3 kinds of girls. . .good girls, bad girls and good-girls-gone-bad. Lana Lee is the third type. . .She left a respectable family and cozy home in a nice Hong Kong neighborhood to indulge nasty secret urges in the Wicked West (a.k.a. the ” United Kingdom “). Like Oliver Twist, Lana fell under the influence of vile Englishmen intent on her corruption. But unlike Oliver Twist, so far Lana has enjoyed her fall from grace, especially the public Cum drenchings, and aspires to fall much farther, only faster.

Lana is a Dark-eyed Beauty with straight black hair framing her face and draping shoulders and back. She hasn’t posted full statistics yet but appears tall, with long, lean arms, legs and torso, a narrow (24″ ?) waist and slim hips. Each Tit is a generous handful topped with a plump, deliciously-dark Nipple. Smooth Skin hugs her statuesque frame, which is remarkably slender but avoids a bony “waif” look. Lean Pussy bumpers frame Lana’s closed-lip Smile-of-a-Thousand-Delights and it’s all topped by a pubic mound that sometimes sports a wide but close-cropped bush and sometimes is shaved hairless (both styles suit Lana, though I slightly prefer smooth). Long, elegant fingers are tipped with beautiful nails that she keeps natural rather than painted. I didn’t notice any intimate body mods. . .Hopefully future video or photo updates will include trips to the tatt parlor for some Hot piercings.

For Fuckholes; Lana has pouty lips, best when colored bright red and a tight-lipped Pussy that locks Cock like a chinese-finger-puzzle. Her Butthole is a shy mystery usually kept tucked between taut, rounded buns. Lana’s Clit keeps out of sight but I know that  ( like Lana )  it’s a naughty Girl and  ( like Lana )  needs a good Spanking.

LanaLeesWorld recently opened on line in Feb. 2010. Despite the newness, Lana has a running start on posting content and stamping the Site with personality and style.

Lana sez; ” Hi Guys ! My name is Lana and this is my own personal website.. In my own country I’m a respectable and polite girl.. But since moving to the West I’ve discovered a side of me that I didn’t know existed.. The freedom here has allowed me to express my sexuality in ways I couldn’t imagine before.. Every sexual fantasy I have ever had is laid out for you here on my site. ”    Not just fantasies that are laid out for members. . .Lana, herself, is Laid-out in spreads that keep getting better.

What’s LanaLeesWorld.com Got ?

LanaLeesWorld members are a sensitive bunch who. . .much like an audience at the musical “Oliver!”. . .sit watching depraved influences on a young innocent and hope someone will help. Only with Lana, everyone hopes the “help” is three more horse-hung dudes or a Hot chick sporting a Strap-on (I’m hoping Justine — the petite British Tart bouncing on the bed in JustinesBedroom — is the Twat who Pops Lana’s girlfriend Cherry).

Lana sez; ” ‘There is nothing I wont try.’ Follow me on my sexual adventures as I suck and fuck my way around the World. You won’t be Disappointed !!! ” Given that commendable attitude, I’m sure there’ll be Cum-load after Cum-load of  “help”  for Lana Lee.

Her content features Cock Worship, Facials, Creampies, Insertions, Exhibitionism, Dress up, Role-play, BDSM (mild, so far), Nawty School-girl, and More. …And that’s only after a couple months. This Chick is still “finding” herself so there’s no telling what trouble she’ll get into. . . Lesbian ?, Gangbang ?, Anal?, Swing?

I didn’t find Ass Play and she confessed to never playing with a girlfriend. But Lana is like a schoolgirl courting corruption who, though not yet in deep with Headmistress or the Nuns, is eager for all the wicked sin a slutty-minded girl can find. Such a naughty girl is sure to share each first taste of vice and every blot on her record with lucky members.

And to keep members smiling, Lana also updates with contributions from guest girlfriends doing the nasty things she hasn’t done yet.

I like Lana’s content (especially the sense of escalating naughtiness). There’s an amateur quality to her work that many guys and dolls get off on — where that panting dude working the camera was the one whose Bone got Smoked a second ago. But judgments on a Site’s pictorial style are individual. . .Lana’s format and offerings target her audience so please check it out yourself.

My Photos:   Lana’s photos, featuring all the vices she’s learned so far, are listed with title, date and picture count in a Picture Set gallery displaying 12 thumbnails to a page over 4 pages, with Previous/Next navigation between pages, for a total of 43 Sets (so far). Clicking a Picture Set selection displays large thumbnails of that Set’s pictures displayed 12 to a page over one or more pages. Clicking a desired thumbnail displays that picture with Previous/Next navigation between the pictures. Currently there seems to be only a single choice of picture size and that is very large, up to 1549×1037, which invariably overflows the browser window. A selected Picture Set also can be downloaded as a zip-archive from the thumbnail display page(s).

The ways the photos are displayed and navigated need minor improvements. Members who scan through Picture Sets using the thumbnails will find viewing up to 250+ thumbnail pictures displayed 12 to a page across 21+ pages is tedious. Fortunately the thumbnails are relatively large so looking through them that way isn’t wasted effort. Also the current single photo size typically is too big to display the entire picture in the browser window. Adding smaller versions of the pictures simplifies and improves the member’s viewing experience. Once at a Picture Set’s display of thumbnails there’s not a link to get back to the Picture Set gallery, one must navigate back to there using the browser “Back” button or return to gallery’s first page by clicking the main “My Photos” link. A link at the thumbnail display level to get back to the point where a member left the Picture Set gallery would be convenient. I make these comments only because most WebGirl sites avoid those inconveniences

My Videos:   Lana’s videos are listed with a title, length, date and short caption in a gallery displaying 12 thumbnails to a page over 5 pages, with Previous/Next navigation between pages, for total of 49 videos (so far). Clicking on a video selection goes to another page where comments and ratings can be entered. Again clicking on the desired video’s thumbnail leads a video streaming window in the browser. At this point, instructions also are provided for downloading the video in .wmv format using the “Right Click” mouse menu. Video clips are long, typically more than 10 minutes and often exceeding 20 minutes. Video quality is good (though not the Hi-Def people expect nowadays) and the picture is large. . .one I checked was 720×576.

There were some minor glitches in the videos. Strangely, the latest video update, “Bathroom Face Fuck” downloads as a Picture Set zip-archive rather than a video, and it neither opens as a zip file nor plays as a video. Streaming video (in .wmv format) didn’t work at all in my Firefox browser. The Site warns that streaming may not work in Firefox but I’ve never had that problem before. . .Streaming did work in Internet Explorer. The “Kitchen_HD.wmv” video I downloaded (presumably a wide screen Hi-Def) was formated wrong and played back distorted with the wrong aspect ratio — the image was too narrow and tall. The video’s I watched didn’t display titles at the beginning. Without displaying titles when played, the videos’ original subjects soon are forgotten; they eventually get mixed together on the hard drive until you’ve got not idea what anything is. Plus the downloads’ file names often are cryptic ID’s like “Si_2.wmv” so they don’t help. . .though in fairness, downloads from many other sites come with gibberish file names. Finally …just a suggestion… the intermediate display page (for comments and ratings) before the streaming video window might be eliminated so clicking the selected thumbnail at the video gallery page goes directly to its streaming/download page. I do like the “Here are a few hot sets for you:” suggestions on that intermediate page.

Downloading Picture Sets and Videos was fast enough to keep me satisfied, especially considering the video files are very large, up to 260+ MB’s. While I’m on the subject, the streamed video picture is a bit small, which could mean this brand-new Site currently doesn’t have the bandwidth needed for larger… …In fairness, many sites don’t have streaming at all. Although it is “Amateur”, the image quality and technique both were pleasing, avoiding a “snap shot” look. Lana mentioned modeling, so she probably has experience composing shots and striking poses. As for the “rough edges” I found, I’m sure they will be smoothed as LanaLeesWorld matures.

Other Site Features:

LanaLeesWorld Scheduled Live Cam Shows on “ImLive.com”: Though I didn’t catch a Live Show, TWICE each week Lana is supposed to broadcast a free cam show for her members. Lana sez; ” …There is nothing I like more than stripping and spreading while you watch..I perform 2 Free Live Cam Shows per week just for my members..You’ll even get to see me getting fucked ‘Live’ I take requests from my members and I love trying new things..so tell me all your horny fantasies and I’ll do my best to oblige.. “

The Cam Show schedule is posted on the “My Webcam” page. Keeping to the twice-a-week schedule has been somewhat sporadic over the two month life of the Site — But then in the last two weeks (and as I do this review) she’s been traveling in Asia and, understandably, couldn’t broadcast.

Lana’s Private Cam Sessions: Though I didn’t try it, apparently a one-on-one with Lana can be set up.

Tell Me More !

Let me tell U more…

  • My Diary – Lana sez; ” I Love to interact with my members and I update my personal Diary everyday.. I describe to you in detail all my horny adventures ! “
  • Members can Comment and Vote on the Videos and other content so Lana knows what’s popular.
  • Membership is for LanaLeesWorld.com only, no Bonus Web Girl Site access. However, guest Twats sometimes contribute updates to her Site.
  • Lana is accessible through her Scheduled Cam Shows, Private Cam Sessions, Yahoo Messenger and email.

Other than the Diary and some scattered statements, the Site doesn’t have much personal info on Lana, as in a Bio or FAQ. I’m sure “The Lana Lee Story” is fascinating and I’m dying to hear it. Since it’s a new Site, Lana is probably still busy revealing more  ” of ”  herself but hopefully will reveal more  ” about ”  herself as time passes. …Also, Lana doesn’t have a Forum or Message Board. I like seeing the interaction between members and the WebGirl, but then member’s often ignore forums anyways.

Similarly, Lana probably hasn’t had time to declare positions on such things as public appearances, physical accessibility by members, selling personal merchandise, a wishlist, etc… — But as a wise man (me !) said… Answers to such timeless questions will come, like a doctor, to he or she who is patient.

Do LanaLeesWorld ?

Lana is Hot as a firecracker and off to good start. . .though, like all Naughty girls, she needs a sound spanking on her naked Bum with a hairbrush or a braided leather belt.

LanaLeesWorld is new and there are some minor rough edges that surely will be smoothed as the Site matures. Regardless, it’s worth the price of membership to witness the continuing corruption of this formerly “polite girl” from a respectable family and good neighborhood. The best part is members discover right along with Lana just how far down the Road to Perdition she’s willing to go.

So cruise through the free Preview to get a sense of Lana’s look, personality and style…

If she sounds like your kinda Twat, GO FOR IT !

image of Toby's Tattle

Go to LanaLeesWorld.com
Visit: LanaLeesWorld


Score: LanaLeesWorld ( *  new site)
Update Frequency: 90
Content Quantity: 75*
Photographic Quality: 80
User Friendly: 75
Speed: 80
Site Sizzle: 75
Personality: 80*
Freebie Extras:


Toby Tally  79
Mar 202010

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Category:  Hot Wife  (with an Interracial twist)

Toby Tally:  82

Date Reviewed : Mar. 10, 2010
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The Skinny on Janet-Exposed:

  • Pros:  Enthusiastic HotWife, Vivid Fetishes, 10-years of Content, Live & Archived Cam Shows
  • Cons:  A Few Bonus Features seem Stale, Photos Navigation needs Updating

Janet-Exposed.com is a personal adult website featuring a Prowling Wild Cat named  Janet. She’s a little lady with a big taste for Interracial Lust, Big Cock Worship, Sexy Feet, Young Men, Girl2Girl, and more. And she has two settings. . .Ritz and Raw.

Janet’s Pussy’s got the jones for ” No-strings-attached sex with significantly younger white guys and well-endowed black men. ” … And she’s a ” cum-queen size-queen and foot fetish domme. ” Her Site offers members a dozen years worth of Images from her Sexy lifestyle.

( And Janet-Exposed has a separate sister Web Site, Foot-Tease.com dedicated to a decade of fascination with Janet’s Feetsies.  Janet sez; ” …Foot Tease (1998-2005) was one of the very first amateur foot fetish websites and soon achieved iconic status. Due to popular demand, I am proud to announce the official “reboot” of the site…Now bigger and better than ever ! ” )

Her free Preview gives Shoppers a thorough peek at Janet-Exposed. Though the Preview doesn’t have big loads of freebie content, it radiates a ton of Personality. Although I didn’t find any free Video Clips, the Dozens of still pictures and content previews in the “Free Photos”, “What’s New” and “Store” tell enough about Looks and Style to decide the membership question.

If you crave her Tuna, Order from Janet-Exposed !

( Or Go with  Foot-Tease.com  if you prefer Janet’s Sole ! )

Who’s Janet ?

Janet is a Redhead, Blue-eyed Hot Wife who hunts the big game. . .Buff Studs, Lean Collegians and Big Dicks. Though petite (5′-3″, 32DD-23-35) Janet sports a trophy 34D Rack, silver-dollar Nipples, glowing, tanned Skin, an amazingly commodious Clam and worship-worthy legs and Feet. For body mods., Janet isn’t partial to tatt’s or piercings, though her Belly-Button boasts a stud.

For Fuckholes; Janet packs her Thong with a pale, tight-lipped Snatch always eager for a goooooD Stretch and an enthusiastic R*sebud that adores attention. Janet’s Clit prefers the company of long, thick Cocks. . .In fact, what she accommodates in her Crotch is quite stunning.

Tho it’s often up, Janet has long, flowing hair. . .Hair down and no makeup, she’s a Firecracker. And when beamed from the Heart, her smile is Million Dollar.

Janet sez; ” Although people who don’t know me well tend to assume from my appearance that I’m no more than an innocent little “Soccer Mom” type, those close to me…know far better. 😉 Yes, it’s true to a point … I am sweet-tempered and I am a classic “Soccer Mom” type, right down to the minivan I drive the kids around in. If you met me on the street, you’d never guess that I’d be the type to own and operate my own adult web site. ” …And she’s been spreading her legs Online since before the turn-of-the-century. . .1998 actually.

Women who take a huge Cock sometimes have a look of “taking one for the team”. . .the look on Janet’s face always is Pleasure. A petite lady, she often is tossed like a rag doll by the big, buff dudes banging her, but her limber body takes a licking and keeps on Fucking. In addition to worshiping Big Cocks, Janet’s a MILF on the prowl for SILF’s (Sons I’ld Like to Fuck). . .This slinky Cougar has a Passion for Hunting and Humping the suitably  “young-dumb-and-fullacum.”  ( I wonder if she’s gonna add DILF’s to her menu ?? )

This little lady doesn’t do Sex small — thousands of images slap your face with her Big appetite for BIG Sex. But there’s obviously another aspect of Janet at the Site. As she sez; “I’ve always loved being a woman…not just a “female”…and I revel in my femininity. I love to dress up in pretty things, wear lots of jewelry, put on a dab of sexy perfume in strategic places and just have men admire me as a woman. It’s the perfect soft side of things to balance out the hot & sweaty, kinky side of my personality…and they both compliment each other well, don’t you think ? ” Janet is  — at one moment, a Gentlewoman daintily sitting in Grace and Glamour  — and at another, a sweaty Slut fully enclosing an 11-inch Boner. I like it that way.

What’s Janet-Exposed.com Got ?

Janet is a Glamorous and Sweaty Swinger who serves up more than a decade of her Sex Life to members. Scanning through the content leaves a sense of evolution. . .Lots of first’s there; 1st Cougar pounce, 1st public Exhibition, 1st Cue-ball Clam shave … — Simultaneously, the Site is Hardcore thrills and documentary record.

Janet’s content includes Interracial Lust, Big Cock Worship, Ass Play, Facials, Girl2Girl, Sexy Feet n’Legs, Glamour, Exhibitionism, Bareback, Outfit themes, Cougar (Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson) and More.

She promises to update the Members area once or twice per week with some combination of new photos and video clips.

I appreciate Janet’s content – the competing kink and glam, her sexual journey, the vivid Fetishes. Judgments on a Site’s pictorial style are individual; Janet’s format and offerings chronicle the evolution of her Sexual Life AND of technology, so please check it out yourself.

The “Photo” and “Video” layouts are not fancy — things are simple here.

Photos:   Clicking the “Photos” link leads directly to the Latest Picture Set displayed as a page of thumbnails. Click each thumbnail to display the large picture. On my browser, the large picture zoomed in bigger when I clicked it. . .earlier (smaller) pictures don’t zoom. There no “Previous/Next” navigation between the full-sized pictures; they must be viewed one thumbnail at a time, a tad tedious. Click the browser back button to return to the thumbnails for another selection.

At the thumbnail page of the latest Picture Set, click the “Photo Archive” link to get to the page listing titles for ALL the preceding Picture Sets. Click a title to display the thumbnail page for that Picture Set. View those pictures by clicking the thumbnails, as with the latest Picture Set. Scanning quickly, there appear to be 280+ Picture Sets, back to 1998.

In the Archive, the Picture Sets closer to the bottom (I assume they’re older) had about 20+/- pictures at 732×476, or so, resolution (the bottom Set had 25 pics). New Picture Sets, near the top, had about 40+/- pictures at 900×600, or so (the top Set had 45). A single photo shoot theme may span several Picture sets. The Pictures can be downloaded using the “Right-Click” menu. Each Picture Set is captioned, and usually is dated somewheres. . .if not in the caption, then in the download filename. Photos must be viewed one at a time, there are no slide show or zip-archive download options. Many of the new picture sets are collections of video stills.

Videos:   Clicking the “Videos” link leads directly to the latest Video displayed in a page offering format selections to stream it in the browser or to download it in Windows .wmv or Mac .mov versions. Use the “Right-Click” menu to download Videos as files. Later Videos have thumbnail slide-show Previews, while earlier Videos have still thumbnails.

At the latest Video’s page, click the “Video Archive” link to get to the page listing ALL the preceding Videos. Click a title to display that Video’s page. Scanning quickly, there appear to be 240+ videos dating back (I think) to about 2002. Earlier videos are cut into short clips for easier download (at the time) and might be download-only, with no streaming. Streaming seems to appear as an option about 2006. Later Videos are sized at 720×480, or so (not stunning size for today). . .earlier at 352×262, or so. The Videos have captions and usually are dated somewhere, if not on the Video’s page, then in the download filename.

… Janet is Incredible. Now honestly. In the current latest Video, “Mann Meat In The Morning!”; Look at Janet’s petite bod and look at that  Sausage. . .How can all that Meat disappear ??… Now, That’s Entertainment ! …

Other Site Features:

Janet-Exposed Scheduled Live Cam Shows on “AmateurCamz Camz” (PrivateCamz.com): Though I didn’t catch a Live Show, Janet sez; ” As often as my schedule permits, I try to host a free web cam show 4 times a month for my members. “

Janet’s Private Cam Sessions on PrivateCamz.com: Though I didn’t try it, one-on-one cam sessions with Janet can be set up through PrivateCamz.com.

Tell Me More !

But Is There More ??   In a word. . .You Betcha There’s MORE…

  • Janet provides links to some or all of the brimming ocean of PrivateCamz content…
  • Other Girl’s Scheduled Live Cam Shows on “AmateurCamz Camz” (PrivateCamz.com): “24/7 access to cam shows from hundreds of other girls”
  • “What’s New” : A meticulously current log of Site Updates and Activities going back to 2006
  • Janet’s willing to share what makes her tick in a huge, personally-revealing FAQ and a big Bio, “About Me”.
  • “Members Video FAQ” : Video clips of Janet’s Hardcore answers to member questions. . .The latest one I saw was dated 2004 so this innovative twist on FAQ’s might be discontinued.
  • Blog: Janet’s Blog covers the Personal scoop on Janet. . .though some months the entries can be a little sparse.
  • Mailing List: Janet sez; ” Join my mailing list to keep abreast of my travel schedule, new video releases and other key events at my site ! “
  • “Featured Guest”: Bonus Picture Sets from Janet’s Web Girl friends. There is just one displayed, from a year ago, and the “Featured Guest Archive” is empty.
  • “Artwork” : A small gallery for fan art
  • ‘Wife Watch’ : Online magazine for Amateurs, Swingers and Voyeurs (but the latest issue seems to be Jan.’09)
  • Membership is for Janet-Exposed only, no Bonus Adult Site access.
  • The Site doesn’t have a Forum. But with so much content, who’ld have time for one anyways ??
  • Janet is accessible through her Scheduled Cam Shows, Private Cam Sessions, and email.

In the FAQ Janet sez; ” I am not able to meet fans one-on-one “just to meet”. The only time fans can meet me on a social-only basis just to chit-chat is when I attend one of the various adult industry expos or conferences (such as AVN) …. Any such events I plan to attend are always posted in detail on the Travels page …. “

Janet is Personally Accessible on her terms. . .She’s on the lookout to shoot content with Guys or Dolls who strike her fancy and occasionally posts Casting Calls at the Site. She gives a rundown of what she’s expecting and where she expects it.

The Site has a Store selling amateur adult videos of Janet in action in DVD’s and Downloads (& some VHS). Janet sez; ” You can read detailed descriptions and see a ton of hot, explicit stills of each video, plus read reviews from respected, serious and well-known 3rd-party adult video review sites ! ” The selections I glanced at ran 30 to 70 minutes. Also sold is a large selection of glossy, 8×10 Autographed Photos. Order Online or by Mail… …And check out the Store’s 20% Discount for Members !!

The Store also is open for Guests. . .Shop there even if you don’t join. PLUS, her “Clips4Sale” Store sells a selection of Janet’s Sizzling Videos, including iPod Movies. These clips seem to be offered only in the Guest’s “Free Preview”. . .from there, click “LINKS” on the left Sidebar to get to them.

Do Janet-Exposed ?

Janet is a Live Wire with many Kinks, all fully documented. . .She has two equally appealing sides — Glam and Slut. …PLUS, Janet is personable and responsive to members, the Site has years of content to enjoy and her store is brimming with her work.

Some corners of the Site might be a little dusty, but the important ones are hopping with Real Life Hardcore content. Tour the Preview thoroughly to check out Janet’s look, personality and style.

Then if she sounds like your kinda Twat, GO FOR IT !

( Or Hotfoot over to  Foot-Tease.com  if your Fetish has ten  Toes ! )

image of Toby's Tattle

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Visit: Foot-Tease


Score: Janet-Exposed
Update Frequency: 90
Content Quantity: 85
Photographic Quality: 70
User Friendly: 75
Speed: 85
Site Sizzle: 80
Personality: 90
Freebie Extras:


Toby Tally  82

… Entertaining-Adults  Entertaining  Adults

Mar 132010

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Category:  Web Girl – Solo  (with a Swinging twist)

Toby Tally:  84

Date Reviewed : Mar. 10, 2010
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  • $24.95 for 30 days then $19.95 recurring every 30 days
  • $89.95 for 180 days then $15.95 recurring every 30 days
  • Credit Card, Online Check

The Skinny on HousewifeKelly:

  • Pros:  Irrepressible Swinger, Inspired Variety, Live & Archived Cam Shows, Direct Navigation
  • Cons:  Image Quality and Editting might be Better

HousewifeKelly.com is a personal adult website featuring Swinging Hot Wife, Kelly. Judging by her Site, Kelly has two roles in her life… Housewife and Slut.

Through her Videos and Photos she shares the Raw Sex of both roles with her members — The first in the intimate setting of her home. . .the office, livingroom or kitchen. And the second in a wild Swinging scene. . .clubs, motels or outdoors. Plus Kelly seems driven to Get-off for her members as often and in as many clever ways as possible. Lucky Members, I say.

Kelly sez; ” My plan for the future is to continue working on my website and having fun with it. … All I have to do is continue living my life as a housewife / swinger and make sure that I keep a camera close by. lol! Shawn and I go to swing clubs and parties all the time, so I will always have 100% real amatuer videos and photos to share with you. Some of them might not be polished and well lit, but they are all real. “

( And HousewifeKelly has a seperate sister Web Site lovingly devoted to Kelly’s Foot Fetish. Kelly sez; ” I have decided to start this web site, KellysFootFetish.com. I plan to use this website to express my kinky foot and leg fetishes. I actually have a few fetishes but feet are my biggest. ” )

Her free Preview is a generous tour of HousewifeKelly.com that includes a preview Video, her entire Video list, a sample of “Photo Gallery” stills and the Bio. Browsing the Video screen shots and captions alone makes quick work of deciding whether to join Kelly…

If you like being a fly-on-the-wall of Real Life Swinging, give HousewifeKelly a try !

( Or Try  KellysFootFetish.com  if you fancy Kelly’s Feets ! )

Who’s Kelly ?

Kelly is a Housewife just like ‘June Cleaver’. …Only difference is the TV show didn’t show June Butt-Naked in nothing but Heels, or cruising Strip Joints and Swinger Clubs for Cock n’Cunt, or enthusiastically Fucking Ward’s pals (Fred Rutherford comes to mind). In fact, I don’t exactly recall ever seeing June’s REAL Beaver nor her wearing Cum pearls round her neck. But HousewifeKelly shows all that, and MORE !

Kelly is a smiling, playful “Blond-ish” Gray-eyed HotWife who’s ‘Hooked on Swing.’ Though not unusually tall for a Chick (5′-7″, 36-28-34), her fit body has a lanky (but nicely filled) look that the camera loves in full-body shots. …AND slung off that bod are bountiful handfuls of Tit with big, low-profile Nipples; toned Skin that takes a tan well and often shows bikini-top tan lines; a demure Pussy; long, pretty Fingers and lean Feet with plump, wiggly Toes. For body mods., Kelly has a large tattoo low on her back but I noticed no intimate piercings, not even a pierced Belly-Button.

Her Tongue seems rather looooong.

For Fuckholes; Kelly has cock-hungry lips, best viewed heavy with Sizzling red lipstick and a ruddy, tight-lipped Snapper with an excitable and prominent Clit Hood. Her Butthole is a shy mystery usually kept tucked between her buns. Kelly’s BB-sized Clit sallies heroically from its Hood when it’s happy.

Kelly is a recent star in the amateur Web Girl constellation. She started first with Swinging and took her Camcorder along. Then Kelly began sharing her Hardcore Passions on the Internet. Kelly sez; ” Sometimes, I would chat online and send horny guys short clips from our videos to get them off. I loved knowing that men were stroking their cocks to my videos. I would finger my pussy in front of our computer every day while chatting with men. After hundreds of emails begging me for more clips, and footage, I began to think about starting my own website. In 2006, I did! Welcome to the next chapter of my sex life HousewifeKelly.com ! “

And she’s a public spirited lil’ Twat who veers education down a new road in her Video demonstrations of the “Ultrasonic Diddle Stick” and a neat-o “Jerk-off Tube.” (“As Seen on TV” was never seen like this). …And speaking of TV, I bet Swinging Kelly would love  doing  the entire  ” Brady Bunch ”  bunch, I know I’ld like to see it.

What’s HousewifeKelly.com Got ?

Kelly is an irrepressibly Bisexual Swinger who shares her lifestyle with her members at a Web Site that’s simple and compact, with Cum Loads of personal content.

Kelly sez; ” Now, my sex life is at its peak ! Knowing that I have hundreds of members, and they are all getting off on my videos has turned me into even more of a nympho. I love making videos for you guys. I bring my video camera everywhere I go, just so I can show you everything. The more members I get, the naughtier I feel. “

Her content is juiced with her imaginative take on Cock Worship, Girl2Girl, Blow Jobs, Hand Jobs, Insertions, Holiday and Event themes, Flashing, JPH (Just-Plain-Horny), Role-play, Swing cruising, Bath time, Outfit themes, Exotic locations and More. Plus Kelly delivers some quirky storylines and a few rollicking Group Grope Girl-fests. I didn’t notice heavy promotion of Ass Play and Butt Fucking but did catch some Rimming.

I may be generalizing but rather than Anatomy-Textbook grade closeups, HousewifeKelly images tend to be pulled-back, showing more body and surroundings, which is OK by me … Do you prefer pictures of the Taj Mahal or the Taj Mahal’s back door ??

…(but then again, if I’m jonesing to Poke my Dick in the rear entry of the Taj, I’ld relish a good view of the door)…

I like Kelly’s content (especially the Girl2Girls) although the fly-on-the-wall style may not be Hi-Def or edited enough for some. Judgments on a Site’s pictorial style are individual. . .Kelly’s format and offerings project her Swinging lifestyle so please check it out yourself.

Photo Gallery:   HousewifeKelly offers 3 collections of photographs; “Video Screenshots” albums from her Videos, “My Girlfriends” albums from several Web Girl buddies, and her own “XXX Photos” Picture Sets.

The “Video Screenshots” albums are displayed and navigated similar to Kelly’s Picture Sets and are helpful previews of the Videos. The pictures have a single choice of size dictated, I suppose, by the original video’s size … An old album was 640×480, the newest was 853×480.

The “My Girlfriends” albums are a mixed-bag of naughty poses from Kelly’s friends, displayed and navigated similar to Kelly’s Picture Sets.

Kelly’s “XXX Photos” Picture Sets feature poses of Kelly doing all the things she likes best, while some are stills from her Videos.

These photos are navigated first as Picture Set thumbnails displayed 20 per page across six pages with Previous/Next navigation between pages. Each thumbnail has a short caption. At this point, most newer thumbnail selections offer the option to download a zip archive of the Picture Set … The newest Picture Set zip archive had images 1616×1072.

Clicking a desired Picture Set then displays thumbnails of that Set’s individual photos, 20 to a page across several pages with Previous/Next navigation between pages. At this point, the photos can be viewed singly as a Slide Show, with variable time, direction and size (5 sizes, 1280×1280 max.). . .Or just click any photo thumbnail to see that picture, with Previous/Next navigation between them all. When viewed as still pictures, the size selection varies … One 2-year-old Set had only 640×424; the latest Set offered 2 sizes, 1616×1072 and 897×595. The individual photos are dated.

…That photo from her newest Video, “I Fucked my Husband’s Friend”, of Kelly bent double, her knees to her shoulders, by the beefy dude tooling her Cooter gives me Wood big time. Check out how her feet hang over their heads as they Kiss.

Videos:   Kelly Fucks around IN her Videos but she doesn’t fuck around WITH ’em — Entering her Site takes members straight to “Videos”, the Site’s Home page … You get directly to her Honey, no clicking around. . .Sweet n’ Simple.

Kelly’s Videos are listed 20+ per page over several pages for a total of 170+ since 2006. . .that’s nearly 1 a Week for 4 Years. Each Video selection has Teasing screen shots that make you want to watch every one; plus a caption and usually a date. Captions for earlier Videos are just short titles but as Kelly warmed to her work, her Tongue loosened and the captions grew to a couple sentences, then (as her Tongue got REALLY loose) to big paragraphs jam-packed with the juicy backstory details. The videos are formated in Media Player .wmv …since 2008 with choice of fast or slow Internet speed …and since 2009 with added iPod or PSP (.mp4) downloads. Kelly’s Videos are Downloads, there’s no Streaming option for viewing them in the browser.

The “High Speed” download Videos I checked, including the latest, were a decent (but not stupendous) 640×480 and ran from 7+ to 18+ minutes. The one “Low Speed” download I peeked at was a fuzzy 320×240 in a file sized about 1/4 the “High” version, which also was a smidge fuzzy, probably due to the motel lighting. There seems to be a small frame size difference between the iPod and PSP versions of the .mp4 format.

Kelly has an collection of older video, even VHS, that the couple recorded in their Steamy Swinging past. Apparently she cherry picks scenes from this source that make her SO Wet they’re too Hot to hold back so she sometimes posts them with her new work. Naysayers might fault these oldies. But hey, Kelly acknowledges the quality dip and I feel if they get her off still to the point she’s compelled to share ’em, I wanna see.

Kelly’s video style mainly is ‘Amateur Verite’ (a word I invented just for this Review); recording her Hot Action as it happens, the way I would at home … Only I don’t have a Hot Wife fucking my chums at my house. Sometimes she throws in role-playing for giggles.

…One role-play I loved was “locked in a dog cage” — Only I thought she had too much room in there…

Altho the style is “Amateur”, the technique is good. . .This couple has some years experience; the bouncing is mostly all Kelly, not the camera.

Other Site Features:

HousewifeKelly Scheduled Live Cam Shows on “AmateurCamz Camz” (PrivateCamz.com): Though I didn’t catch a Live Show, each week Kelly broadcasts a free cam show for her members through PrivateCamz.com … Kelly sez; ” I now can even do live cam shows ! The cam shows allow me to interact with my members and get to know them more than I ever could before. “

Kelly’s Private Cam Sessions on PrivateCamz.com: Though I didn’t try it, apparently a one-on-one with Kelly can be set up in Private Cam Sessions.

Private Session Archive: The collection of her Private Cam Sessions, with sound, on PrivateCamz.com. These videos are streaming video clips of Kelly playing on Cam from May 2008 to date. 400+ video clips, apparently each is a Private Cam Session with a fan.

I think the Flash-based videos in her Private Session Archive only can be streamed from PrivateCamz.com, not downloaded as files. The times I checked, Videos from the Private Session Archive kept up well with the rate of play. (I’ve seen bothersome pauses for buffering with these PrivateCamz streams in other reviews… perhaps it varies by hour, day or Web Girl Site ??)

Tell Me More !

But That’s Not ALL …

  • Kelly provides links to some or all of the brimming ocean of PrivateCamz content…
  • Other Girl’s Scheduled Live Cam Shows on “AmateurCamz Camz” (PrivateCamz.com): Scheduled Live Cam Shows, with sound, from hundreds of other Camz Sluts … a Show for nearly every hour of every day of every week.
  • Kelly Wallpapers – 2 Images in 6 resolutions
  • Access to other girls through something called “modelsplugin.com”
  • Links to streaming Bonus movies and WebCams via platinumfeeds.com.
  • Introductions to several of Kelly’s Web Girl associates, including galleries and movies
  • I didn’t find anything about Kelly making public appearances at Web Girl events, member meets, etc… BUT she seems to cruise for Cock n’Cunt like an Orca hungry for Seal meat. . .so there ya go.
  • I saw no “Official Statement” of Kelly’s physical accessibility for members. . .I know she sucked Cum Slugs outta one member so you work it out…
  • Blog: Kelly has a blog, but it was a broke blog when I checked.
  • I saw no mention of Kelly selling personal merchandise or having a wishlist … You can always ask.
  • Although Kelly gives peeks at Girlfriends’ Sites, her membership is for HousewifeKelly.com only, no Bonus Web Girl Site access.
  • Kelly doesn’t have a Forum or Message Board. I like to see what members post, but then few bother anyways.
  • Kelly is accessible through her Scheduled Cam Shows, Private Cam Sessions, and email. She uses member Requests in her content.

Her BIO provides statistics and traces her path from Catholic School Girl to Swinging Slut (no joke). Kelly sez; ” If you have any questions about me that weren’t answered in this bio, feel free to email me. I love receiving emails and I always answer them. I also like to see pictures of my members, so feel free to send your pic. Especially if it’s a naughty one ! “

… There’s a tiny oversight at HousewifeKelly. Usually Sites list the membership rates up front on a “Join Now”, “Instant Access” or similar page in the Preview. At Kelly’s, I had to click the button for billing and go to the payment page before seeing the rates — It’s no big thing, just unusual. …

Do HousewifeKelly ?

Kelly’s a Hot Wife who loves Swinging and records her Hardcore lifestyle as she goes. She has a yummy body and knows how to Glam it up and work it for the camera so everyone Cums. The images may not be exactly Hi-Res for various reasons. . .and the cameraman may be shaky cuz she’s Smoking his Bone. . .But then, Kelly’s cinema is Verite.

Just read through the Video list and Bio in her Preview to check out Kelly’s look, personality and style.

If she sounds like your kinda Twat, GO FOR IT !

( or DO  KellysFootFetish.com  if you want the Focus on  Legs, Feet n’ curly Toes ! )

image of Toby's Tattle

Go to HousewifeKelly.com
Visit: HousewifeKelly
Go to KellysFootFetish.com
Visit: KellysFootFetish


Score: HousewifeKelly
Update Frequency: 90
Content Quantity: 80
Photographic Quality: 75
User Friendly: 85
Speed: 90
Site Sizzle: 80
Personality: 90
Freebie Extras:


Toby Tally  84
Mar 022010

Better-Than-Sex Reviews™
©  Toby Toole


Category:  Web Girl – Solo  (with an English twist)

Toby Tally:  89

Date Reviewed : Feb. 27, 2010
Go to JustinesBedroom.com
Go to: JustinesBedroom

  • $19.95 US for 30 Days, then $19.95 US recurring.
  • Credit Card & On-Line Check

The Skinny on JustinesBedroom:

  • Pros:  Personal Touch, Wild & Varied, Updates Daily, Bonus WebGirls, Mucho Content & Extras
  • Cons:  Laborious Navigation of Stills & Videos, Image Resolutions could be Better

JustinesBedroom.com is a personal adult website dedicated to a playful woman’s Lust for sharing her Hardcore Sex Life with the World. Justine gets off on members watching her cut loose in Pornographic acts of every variety. And she delivers the goods DAILY; a commendable feat given the difficulty for a “solo” do-it-yourself Web Girl …where the person holding the camera may have been the one Eating her Pussy moments before… to be that productive and diligent.

Justine’s free Preview is generous and complete. Remarkably, it contains FAQ’s I didn’t find in the Member’s area. For instance, she reveals the only Dudes she Fucks are a boyfriend and a Sex Slave she keeps around for fun. So check out every nook of Justines Bedroom in the Preview…

Then if you like the personality, features and pictorial style of her Site, Go with it !

Who’s Justine ?

Justine is a slender English Slut with long golden curls, eyes of incredible blue and Hot Lips (the lower one’s especially full). Her petite (5′-1″; 34B-22-32) body sports: Teacup-sized fun bags with compact Nipples rising in plump points; Clear creamy skin without much tan line; Lightly-fuzzed pubic mound below flat belly; Slim, fit arms, legs and butt; and Cute ankles, feet and toes she relishes sharing. The only body mod. I noticed was a long Tattoo trailing in the curved valley where belly meets hip; I don’t see a pierced navel.

For Fuckholes; Justine comes with that hot Mouth, PLUS a prim Pussy that opens into a big, sloppy smile with droopy Lips and a muscular lil’ clenched Butthole (she calls it ‘arsehole’, isn’t that cute?). Justine has one of those ‘no-see-em’ Clits you have to hunt for … But I bet she tells you when you found it good.

… Right now, I’m looking at a closeup of a shining flashlight stuck tail first down the silky, puckered lips of her tight Cooter hole …

Justine sez; ” Who am I? Well I’m not a model or a dancer but a regular quiet English girl that loves sex and absolutely loves showing off ! I’m a dedicated exhibitionist who really does get off on displaying myself to anybody who wants to watch. ” And she’s beautifully bisexual. Justine’s got boyfriends, girlfriends and Fuck buddies enough to keep a dozen Pussies grinning.

Eager for ogling eyes, she started her Web Girl career years ago in the Internet’s Golden Age, offering images of her passionate playtimes for free. …That got to be expensive, so the paid-member site evolved to the point that Justine’s Bedroom isn’t a room, it’s the World.

What’s JustinesBedroom.com Got ?

Justine has a body cameras Love and she likes displaying it in something … sexy clothes, boots, shoes. She knows how to milk her smoldering sex-drive to keep the audience coming.

Her content consists of clever variations on Insertions, Cock Worship, Girl2Girl, Blow Jobs, Creampies, Piss, Exhibitionism, Hand Jobs, Costumes, Facials, BDSM, Ass Play and more. Though I didn’t notice much Butt Fucking or Group/Swinger Sex, I saw she relishes wrapping those wiggly toes ’round Cock.

Justine keeps her Site hopping. . .She promises an update every day. The Movie and Photoset updates are a balanced blend of Justine playing solo and with cutie pie guests. Sometimes she posts content from a steamy pal; an appreciated variety. And she takes the time to caption each Movie or Photoset. I liked Justine’s video and picture offerings, but judgements on pictorial style are personal so please check it out yourself.

The Photosets:   Justine promises two new Photosets per week. The selection of Photosets is displayed as captioned thumbnails displayed nine to a page over several pages. The Photoset’s pictures, which initially are displayed as a couple pages of thumbnails, can be viewed individually at their original size, with “Previous/Next” navigation between them, or in a nifty slide show, with choice of slide speed and picture size. I counted 117 pictures in a sample Photoset. I couldn’t find zip files for the ones I ogled so quick download of Photoset archives likely isn’t an option.

Sorting through the Photosets and individual pictures may become a tad tedious. For instance, Sets aren’t grouped by categories or keywords, and the “Previous/Next” navigation is rather dated. But looking through pages of Photoset thumbnails and captions is fun. And it’s easy to scan a particular Photoset’s groups of thumbnails to select a picture for closer viewing.

The Movies:   Justine promises to add a new movie every Friday. I counted 117 Movie videos, with thumbnails and detailed captions, displayed nine to a page, with Next/Previous” navigation between the pages. By default the Movies are listed by date … I like to know the dates, but couldn’t find them.

The navigation necessary to click through at least 13 pages of Movies, from first to last, is a bit tedious. . . .But then that means there are lots n’lots of Movies.

Justine’s Movies come in a mix of formats. Though many are clips of less than two minutes, most Movies are several minutes long. Movies might be offered in just .wmv or just .mpg or with a choice of .wmv and .mpg formats. I saw several Movies offered in a choice of resolutions, or sizes. Others came in a single size. Some Movies are cut into several files to download or view, which is inconvenient for a short video.

BUT Justine is reformatting all her Movies. She sez; “I’m currently in the process of re-making all the movies in my members area so they will be available as one file and in several resolution options.” All movies will offer 640×480, 480×360, and 360×240 and most will include 720×576, all will be .wmv format.

… Of those I saw, a Movie that tickled me was a short Golden Shower clip of Justine shivering outside in snow, standing naked under opened coat Spewing Piss to the Four Winds from the edge of a picnic table. Don’t Chicks pee funny ?? …

Other Site Features:

JustinesBedroom.com membership gives you access to several other “amateur” Web Girls, including full access to the brimming ‘Swingerville’ stable of Twat.

There are heaps of “Bonus Content.” Justine sez; ” As well as appearing in pornographic photos myself, I also surf the Net and buy magazines – yes, I’m a porn addict too! 🙂 So I thought I’d show you the photos and movies I’ve been looking at recently, so you can wank over the same pics as me! ” …That’s awful neighborly of her.

Though I didn’t check it out, Justine broadcasts free cam shows for members thru LiveJasmin.com.

Tell Me More !

But that’s not all, cuz there’s MORE …

  • Justine offers dozens of naughty short stories she thought up inside her own personal noggin. She gets off on writing and does a good job.
  • The Site has an active Diary, ‘Latest News’, where Justine gives the inside scoop on personal activity and new updates.
  • Justine diligently keeps on top of her own lightly used Message Board. …Personally, I hone my nasty thoughts and dirty vocabulary in such forums.
  • She’s recorded .mp3 sound clips so voice fans can get off on that Sexy Accent. You could Beatoff to the Magna Carta if she were reading it.
  • The personalized Strip Poker game is addictive. I ached to win her damp Panties but couldn’t.
  • I didn’t notice that Justine is big on public appearances and events.
  • Justine is a serious musician, with a Music CD even. Judging by all the Dick she blows, I bet she hums good, too.

Surely I missed some things in this active, feature-rich site . . .The point for members is, Justine is your personal tour guide and makes herself personally accountable. If you have a request, question, or suggestion just contact her.

In fact, Justine is accessible via email, chat or her Message Board and seems responsive. She is open to limited physical accessibility — to women only.

Do JustinesBedroom ?

While Justine’s content might not be “Corporate” flashy, it isn’t bush-league. Rather, as a successful do-it-yourself site JustinesBedroom.com is packed with her imagination, energy and lifestyle, not models (who just met) surrounded by crew and equipment.

Justine’s a Pro at giving lusty peeks into her jazzed-up personality. I can imagine her, at home tuning the wireless to BBC, suddenly perking up and saying “I’ve a brilliant plan for that chap’s request today about my Arse” … next day it’s filmed and next day its posted. So what if it’s not 25 minutes of 1280×720 HiDef, it’s sexy and spontaneous and Justine.

If she sounds like your kinda Twat, GO FOR IT !

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Score: JustinesBedroom
Update Frequency: 95
Content Quantity: 90
Photographic Quality: 80
User Friendly: 80
Speed: 80
Site Sizzle: 90
Personality: 95
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Toby Tally 89