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Category: Web Girl – Solo (with an Interracial twist)

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Date Reviewed : Jul. 11, 2010
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The Skinny on BlacksonJackie:

BlacksonJackie.com is a separate sister Site of adult website MyHot Wife.com that’s devoted to the Interracial dating adventures of Jackie, a Hot Wife whose Fuckholes are freely loaned to Black Studs by her husband.

Jackie sez; ” My husband has turned me into a slut for black cock. … He encourages black men to use me like a cheap whore, and they always do. They mess my hair and smear my lipstick as they fuck my mouth, then they fuck my married cunt and ass till I end up full of cum. When they are done with me, I get dressed then my husband drives me home! ”

As with MyHotWife.com, the free Preview at BlacksonJackie is simple . . . It consists of some steamy still picture previews of her Interracial hookups with captions filling in the story for each date. Other than the link leading to the payment options, that’s it for the Preview BUT that’s all it takes to leave you wanting more.

This is how one BlacksonJackie date started . . . ” David emailed me about fucking my wife on his next business trip to town. I told my wife I wanted David to fuck her. I shaved my wife’s pussy smooth and she dressed for her date. I fingered her cunt in the car as I drove her to Davids hotel. She was already wet. She was a hot piece of ass. I knew David would like her…. ”

And another ended like this . . . ” … He finally grunted and dumped his load deep into my ass then rolled off me and went to the shower. I layed there for a minute with my pussy and ass both sore and stretched out till my husband told me to “get dressed, let’s go.” We walked down thru the hotel lobby with cum dripping out of my ass and down my leg. My husband told me I was a “good girl.” and drove me home! ”

Since I haven’t accessed the member area, I don’t know what other features the Site offers or how they’re presented. But as with MyHotWife.com, BlacksonJackie certainly is worth an eyeballing from Porn Consumers…

For a steady diet of ebony sausage stuffed up this Twat’s sloppy Fuckholes, go to BlacksonJackie !

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Go to BlacksonJackie.com
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