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Category: Web Girl – Solo (with an Interracial twist)

Toby Tally: n/a

Date Reviewed : Jul. 11, 2010
Go to BlacksonJackie.com
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  • By Credit Card or Instant Check:
  • $24.95–30 day, recurring
  • By 900 Phone Billing:
  • $29.95–30 day, non-recurring

The Skinny on BlacksonJackie:

BlacksonJackie.com is a separate sister Site of adult website MyHot Wife.com that’s devoted to the Interracial dating adventures of Jackie, a Hot Wife whose Fuckholes are freely loaned to Black Studs by her husband.

Jackie sez; ” My husband has turned me into a slut for black cock. … He encourages black men to use me like a cheap whore, and they always do. They mess my hair and smear my lipstick as they fuck my mouth, then they fuck my married cunt and ass till I end up full of cum. When they are done with me, I get dressed then my husband drives me home! ”

As with MyHotWife.com, the free Preview at BlacksonJackie is simple . . . It consists of some steamy still picture previews of her Interracial hookups with captions filling in the story for each date. Other than the link leading to the payment options, that’s it for the Preview BUT that’s all it takes to leave you wanting more.

This is how one BlacksonJackie date started . . . ” David emailed me about fucking my wife on his next business trip to town. I told my wife I wanted David to fuck her. I shaved my wife’s pussy smooth and she dressed for her date. I fingered her cunt in the car as I drove her to Davids hotel. She was already wet. She was a hot piece of ass. I knew David would like her…. ”

And another ended like this . . . ” … He finally grunted and dumped his load deep into my ass then rolled off me and went to the shower. I layed there for a minute with my pussy and ass both sore and stretched out till my husband told me to “get dressed, let’s go.” We walked down thru the hotel lobby with cum dripping out of my ass and down my leg. My husband told me I was a “good girl.” and drove me home! ”

Since I haven’t accessed the member area, I don’t know what other features the Site offers or how they’re presented. But as with MyHotWife.com, BlacksonJackie certainly is worth an eyeballing from Porn Consumers…

For a steady diet of ebony sausage stuffed up this Twat’s sloppy Fuckholes, go to BlacksonJackie !

( Or Try MyHotWife.com for a wider menu of sizzling HotWife Fuck )

Go to BlacksonJackie.com
Visit: BlacksonJackie
Go to MyHotWife.com
Visit: MyHotWife

Score: BlacksonJackie
Update Frequency:
Content Quantity:
Photographic Quality:
User Friendly:
Site Sizzle:
Freebie Extras:
Toby Tally  n/a
Jun 222010

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Category:  Web Girl – Solo  (with an Interracial twist)

Toby Tally:  82

Date Reviewed : Jun. 22, 2010
Go to AlexisGolden.com
Go to: AlexisGolden

  • By Credit or Debit Card & On-Line Check:
  • $23.95–first 30 days, then $19.95–30 day, recurring
  • $27.95–30 day, $59.00–90 day, $72.00–180 day, &
    $100.00–365 day, non-recurring
  • By Phone Billing:
  • $29.95–30 day, non-recurring – charged to Phone
  • Check the Free Preview for world-wide payment

The Skinny on AlexisGolden:

  • Pros:  Total Enthusiastic Hardcore, Both an Accessible Amateur and Porn-Pro Celebrity, Live & Archived Cam Shows
  • Cons:  Site coding update would improve user experience, Firefox browser doesn’t work here

AlexisGolden.com is a personal adult website featuring Alexis, a Fuck-happy Slut who craves it EVERY way it Cums. Alexis takes Fornication to dizzy extremes while dishing out both amateur and professional Porn — PLUS she Fucks members (& everyone else she fancies) on the side. …Too bad all celebrities don’t Fuck their fans like Alexis.

This Twat loves a HARD Butt Fuck … “Fuck it like a Pussy” is her catch phrase.   Alexis sez; “ I am a 100% REAL LIFE Cougar, Swinger and MILF. This is a REALITY site. What you see is what I LOVE to do. … You get the best of both worlds with me, amateur and pro. 90% of my life I’m a regular working MILF who swings with her husband. The other 10% I get on a plane and go fuck for the camera in LA. And in every case I’m doing what I want. “

Her free Preview is a pleasing tour of AlexisGolden.com that includes some picture and video previews of the action and Alexis’ personal scoop on what she’s all about. Browsing the tour a bit will quickly tell if Alexis is your cup of Twat…

If you like hot action from a meek-little-princess turned dedicated Fornicator, give AlexisGolden a try !

Who’s Alexis ?

This is one chick who made my job easy because she sez it all herself…

” I work very hard to keep myself fuckable. I’m 5’7″, 139, 36DDD-25-35. I am VERY athletic, a personal trainer and fitness model. I love to and occasionally compete in figure shows. I am tan, tight, toned and very strong. I’m sure you’d like me to spank your ass. Guys that want to fuck me better bring their A game or they’ll be sent home. My eyes are very blue and my hair very blonde. “

” …I am VERY oral. I love to tease and have public sex. I love anal, double penetration, groups of men and a variety of cocks. … And don’t think I only do men. I also love the touch of a woman, getting fucked hard with a strap-on and making people cum. “

” I like all kinds of men. You will see me fuck and suck off “regular” guys inside. I’m on the never ending search for the biggest, fattest cock there is. I LOVE aggressive men. The more aggressive you can be with me the better. I love to be Face Fucked. Spank me, choke me with your cock and throw me around. Unfortunately few are up to the task. During my special member meet and greets, a special few may get the chance to show what they have. “

Plus Alexis sez; ” I am a size queen and I LOVE Big Cocks, especially BLACK ones. I also enjoy treating “regular” guys to a special blowjob or fuck. I LOVE it in the ass, balls deep. I LOVE getting fucked long, hard and deep by a LOT of different men. I LOVE the taste of cum, I LOVE to eat it. I especially love cum swapping with another hot chick. I do this because I WANT to, not because I have to. “

Finally, Alexis admits she’s got a weakness for Baked Goods and Exercise. . .So do I.   I say to Hell with Fucking, I wanna meet up… share a German Chocolate Cake… then swim laps with her.

What’s AlexisGolden.com Got ?

Alexis really is an industrial-strength Interracial Stud-Fucker. . .as advertised. But the Site offers lots more in a balanced mix of Hardcore Cougar pounces, Lezbo Twat-Jumping, soft BDSM, Role-Play, and more. And then there’s the excitement of her many travels, sordid one-nite-stands and rubbing elbows in the Porn Industry. Plus if you can cut the mustard, there’s always the chance as a member of dipping your wick in her honey pot.

The content of some WebGirl sites features lots of solo masturbation and dildo insertions. Except for occasional glamor shoots, Alexis nearly always plays crotch-to-crotch with someone, if not a squirming group.

Alexis sez; ” As you can see from my content, I like it ROUGH and HARD and DEEP and a LOT! I have been told I am truly insatiable. I know most web girls probably say that, but the difference with me is that I truly am. I will be the last one going at a gang bang. Guys will be shriveled up and running out the door while I’m calling for more dick. “

Her content includes Interracial, Anal, Big Cocks, DP, Girl2Girl, Blow Jobs, Insertions, BDSM, Role-play, Swinging, Cougar, Cum Play and More. Plus Alexis delivers Porn star Fuck-Buddies and regular “Joe 6-Pack” Bone-fests. Sometimes she updates with guest contributions from Amateur and Pro Porn girlfriends

Alexis delivers the high-quality content she promises, but judgments on a Site’s pictorial style are individual so please check it out yourself.

PiXXX:   Alexis displays her Picture Sets, including title and thumbnail preview, across 3 pages, with dozens listed per page. Click a selection to open the Picture Set’s Thumbnail page. Click Thumbnails, which are displayed down the side of the page, to view the pictures on the same page. Once a picture is selected, the others in the Set can be viewed in forward or back sequence by clicking a arrow above the picture. The PiXXX’s cannot be searched by keyword or category. . .I recently discovered such Search features really are useful with big picture and video collections. Downloadable zip archives of the Picture Sets, another popular convenience, don’t seem to be available either.

Alexis tells members to use the Internet Explorer browser with her site. Take that advice. Pictures cannot be viewed with the Firefox browser. Although the thumbnails will display down the side of a long page, clicking one to view a picture does nothing in Firefox.

Alexis promises a PiXXX update each week. Pictures come in a single size that varies depending on the picture. . .sizes ranged from 600×450 to 800×600 for those I checked. Other sites often provide pictures in a range of sizes, from tiny to huge, and the single picture size might seem small to someone craving big, fully-detailed versions of favorite poses. If you’re interested, the PiXXX’s captions and backstories apparently are found somewhere in Alexis’ Blog. Captions also are found under the “What’s New” link where the new updates are announced.

Alexis’ Picture Sets usually have loads of photos, but I noticed some are nearly identical or rather mundane and should be culled to enhance the viewing experience. . .3 or 4 identical pictures in a row is not unusual.

Video Gallery:    The Site boasts 110+ hours of 640×480 Video clips and promises Video updates twice a week. Videos are long, between 10 and 20+ minutes, and can be streamed in the browser or downloaded. Alexis displays her video selections, including title, duration and slide show preview, across 4 pages, with dozens listed per page. Click a selection to stream it in the browser or use the mouse “Right-Click” menu to download it. Like the PiXXX, Videos cannot be searched by keyword or category.

Videos come in one size and format (.wmv) … That’s OK with me, but other sites do offer more size/format options. The size (640×480, or so) might seem small to those craving the huge wide-screen videos many sites feature these days. …Regardless, Alexis delivers high quality videos with XXXtreme and varied content. I chose a cock-studded, multi-Twat Lez-fest that coaxed my Cum smooth as silk.

Many clips are part of serials comprising “movies” running an hour or more. If you’re interested, the Video’s captions and backstories apparently are found somewhere in Alexis’ Blog. Captions also are found under the “What’s New” link where the new updates are announced.

There was one problem — Sometimes I had to reenter user name and password to view videos I selected. For whatever reason it happens, making members reenter login info to access selected features it is not standard for Amateur web-girl sites and is irritating. The problem may be a server glitch. . .I noticed the server sometimes got confused, especially when downloading or streaming Videos.

Also, while checking for Server glitches during video downloads and streaming, my access to the site was blocked for “EXCESS BANDWIDTH USE … BANNED FOR 1 HOURS”. The ban was explained as a bandwidth-limit and security measure and a “daily bandwidth usage limit” was mentioned. I don’t particularly question being banned, but it IS unusual. . .something I haven’t seen at the other WebGirl sites where I downloaded and streamed HUGE Hi-Def videos, often simultaneously. Perhaps the temporary access I was granted had special limitations … which is understandable. Anyways, after a short wait my access was restored.

Other Site Features:

Scheduled Live Cam Shows: Though I didn’t catch a Live Show, Alexis broadcasts Cam Shows. She sez; ” My Web Cam is up and running! I have a great time chatting with you and showing my Neon Pink Pussy and all my HUGE toys. I do my shows in my super secret Sex Room, with all my sexy outfits and toys nearby for you to choose from. ” I didn’t find a schedule of her Cam Shows so take her advice and join her mailing list for notice of the next show. “

Private Cam Sessions: Though I didn’t try it, one-on-one cam sessions with Alexis can be set up through her Store. Alexis sez; ” My Private Web Cam Shows are very special! I do costumes, role play, toys and more. Let your imagination run wild! Rates vary by time…. …buy up to 60 minutes of 1 or 2-way WebCam action with sound. “

I suspect even guests (non-members) can get a piece of Alexis this way.

Private Cam Show Archive: Hundreds of archived PrivateCamz.com videos of one-on-one Private Cam Sessions with Alexis.

Private Cam Show Snap Shots Archive: Hundreds of archived PrivateCamz.com slide shows featuring still pictures taken from the videos in her Private Cam Show archive. These snap shots are handy for previewing the videos.

Tell Me More !

There’s More besides…

  • Other Girl’s Scheduled Live Cam Shows on “AmateurCamz Camz” (PrivateCamz.com): Scheduled Live Cam Shows, with sound, from hundreds of other Camz Sluts.
  • Blog: Alexis has an active blog with the skinny on what’s hopping, especially on the “Celebrity” side of her life. Non-members can see her Blog and apparently, post comments.
  • “What’s New” – posted notices of content updates and additions, including captions and slide show previews.
  • “Upcoming Events” – Alexis posts her travel and appearance schedule, plus Casting Calls and member meets. Maybe you have just what this Fox needs.
  • “All About Me” – more personal info from Alexis.
  • Alexis is a Celebrity who makes public appearances of various kinds
  • Alexis has a couple Wishlists, including Neiman Marcus … Make her your Bitch with an impressive gift
  • Alexis is accessible through email, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, Naughty America and her Blog.
  • Membership is for AlexisGolden.com only, no Bonus Web Girl Site access . . . but I bet this Juicy Twat doesn’t need ANY help to keep members Cumming.

Alexis is Personally Accessible on her terms. . .She’s on the lookout to shoot content, or just plain Fuck, with people striking her fancy. She sez; ” I do my Dick Shopping at Adult Friend Finder when I need to find some cock while I travel. If you sign up email me your handle. “

Alexis’ Store sells at least 25 quality Porn DVD’s in which she stars or is featured. Her Videos also are sold as Video on Demand (VOD) and Instant Downloads. AND her  STINKY  panties, bras, and shoes are for sale !! The Store seems to be open for Guests (non-members), even.

Do AlexisGolden ?

Alexis is hardy Swinger who craves her Cookies … And loves ’em Hot.   She delivers XXX-action, style, glamor, travel, and celebrity. Plus she seems fanatic about Fucking fans (& heaps of other people) on the side.

Granted the Site coding (& perhaps the servers) could use an update — I noticed she mentioned a coming Site revamp — But then, her pricing makes membership a good value and the content Cums Raw.

Tour her Preview to check out Alexis’ look, personality and style —

If she sounds like your kinda Twat, GO FOR IT !

image of Toby's Tattle

Go to AlexisGolden.com
Visit: AlexisGolden


Score: AlexisGolden
Update Frequency: 90
Content Quantity: 85
Photographic Quality: 80
User Friendly: 75
Speed: 80
Site Sizzle: 80
Personality: 90
Freebie Extras:


Toby Tally  82
Mar 282010

Better-Than-Sex Reviews™
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Category:  Web Girl – Solo  (with an Interracial twist)

Toby Tally:  84

Date Reviewed : Mar. 28, 2010
Go to SusanReno.com
Go to: SusanReno

  • By Credit Card:
  • The Terms and Rates have too many conflicts for me to sort out.
    So check it Carefully yourself.
  • Basically, $19.95 buys a recurring membership of about 1 month.
  • Non-recurring memberships go for: $29.95–30 day, $65.99–180 day, &
    $99.99–365 day
  • By Mail:
  • $30.00–30 day, $70.00–6 mons., $100.00–1 yr., non-recurring

The Skinny on SusanReno:

  • Pros:  Total Interracial & Hardcore. BIG Videos & Picture Sets, Bonus WebGirls, Fun Extras
  • Cons:  Little “Up-close and Personal” on Susan, Some quirky Site links

SusanReno.com is a personal adult website featuring Susan, a lily-white “Cum-bucket” for Ebony Studs. Susan’s Panties are home to a sociable Bearded-Clam and a neighborly Butthole that throw Wild Parties. . .usually ending with doors off hinges and furniture on the lawn.

Susan sez; “I absolutely love sex so color is not an issue, nor is gender. I prefer sex with black men as they tend to treat me more like the sexual slut I enjoy being. Even though I do play with all races, I mostly only post pictures and videos of my black experiences, as I do offer this as an interracial site. “

The free Preview gives Interracial fans several still photos and a some sample video downloads for a good peek at SusanReno. Believe me. . .as a member you get Heaps of what you see in the Preview, plus MORE. …If Interracial’s your style, the Preview broadcasts enough to decide the membership question.

So if you like watching in Black & White, Tune-in to SusanReno !

Who’s Susan ?

Susan is a “Blond”, Brown-eyed Slut whose occupation is “Cum-bucket” for Dark Strangers. . .and she loves her Job. This Twat is a sturdy woman with Hills, Valleys and Curves in all the right places for enticing big Ebony Studs to pound her Fuckholes and slather thick wads of Jizz across her creamy-white skin.

Susan’s Panties are home to an excitable couple — a sociable Bearded-Clam and a neighborly Butthole — that craves company and throws Wild Parties. . .usually ending with doors off hinges and furniture on the lawn.

Susan sez; ” Hi, I’m Susan Reno, and I am told that I am the ultimate amateur interracial hardcore slut for well hung black men, and I do it all to please. Some of my favorite things to do, and things you will see me do in the members area and my videos are…anal, DP’s, facials, creampies, rimming, toe sucking, ass to mouth, some girl-girl, cum swapping, and especially gangbangs. Over 10 years on the Web. “

SusanReno mainly serves big helpings of Interracial Fuck-fest … But she has other tastes. Susan also sez; ” I am a multi-faceted person and wanted to show some of the other sides of me as well. There is a section in the members area now, called “on the kinky side”, where if interested, you can see things like bondage, dungeon, golden and some other kinkier stuff I my get myself involved with. “

What’s SusanReno.com Got ?

Susan tours the country for her fans. Like any tourist, she’s a Fuck-happy Cunt who enjoys travel, making new friends and filming her Cum-drenched adventures. Getting home, she anxiously shares her experiences with friends and leaves them groaning. . .not in boredom, but pleasure. And I bet it’s all tax-deductible !!

Susan’s content is primarily Interracial Lust featuring Cunt Fucking, Cock Sucking, Ass Play, Facials, and Gangbang…, often in company with her Slutty girlfriends. She also branches into BDSM, Girl2Girl, Exhibitionism and More.

She tries to update the Member area twice per week. Currently Susan is reworking her older posted Videos to modern standards plus adding “never-shared-before” vintage content from her personal archives.

I like Susan’s commitment to shipping her Cunt ‘cross country and going on her back for members to collect fresh and varied Cocks for her Fuckholes. …Of course she’s having Fun, too. Anyway, judgments on a Site’s pictorial style are individual; Susan’s format and offerings are aimed at her personal audience, so please check it out yourself.

Susan’s Photos and Videos are always hard-hitting Hardcore. . .you have to look a while for one without a Cock, Cunt or Cum-splatted Slut-face in it. I love the navigation layout used for viewing Susan’s still pictures. The layout is easy and convenient to use. . .In short, it displays preview thumbnails in a band on the same page as the selected picture and is similar to what with-it Websites use for viewing galleries of pictures.

Photos:   Clicking “Photos” displays a page listing all SusanReno’s Picture Sets arranged by topic, with a thumbnail, caption and picture count for each. There are 300+ Picture Sets and nearly 30,000 individual images consisting of photo shoots and still images from her “for sale” movies. This Pussy doesn’t skimp on photos. . .Picture Sets are big, most have dozens of photos; many have hundreds.

Clicking on a selected Picture Set displays a page with a caption and loaded with big thumbnails of the Set’s pictures. Clicking a selected thumbnail leads to a Picture Display Page with a large image of the clicked picture and, in a band at the top of the page, several large thumbnails of the preceding and following pictures. This previewing of several thumbnails on the same page with the displayed picture is a GREAT innovation for gallery navigation. Just click the preview thumbnails to change the large picture displayed, plus move forward or back in the Picture Set. . .All without having to go back to the Thumbnail page. There also are little icons to fast forward and backward through the Picture Set and a slide show option.

There’s not a wide range of resolutions for Susan’s pictures. . .newer Sets seem to have 2 sizes and older Sets, just one. If a displayed picture is available at a higher size resolution, clicking on it opens a window with the larger image. The preview thumbnails are about 200×150, a selected picture is displayed at about 640×480, and if there is one, the biggest size is 1000×760, or so.

Clips/Mpegs/Videos:   The Site claims 2900+ Video clips but this number is misleading since many of them date from the days of slow downloads when clips ran only a couple minutes and had to be joined. The Site is in the process of reforming older Videos. . .Susan sez; ” I realize that the short 2 minute clips are no longer what you like to see, so I am in the process of re-making all those clips and there should be two updated sets per month, please be patient, as I am working on making all those at least 4-40 minutes long, it is a timely process and am doing my best to get these done. ” The oldest clips will be remade first.

The Video’s are grouped in 5 categories. Clicking a category displays a page with a thumbnail and caption for each video in that category. There’s no option to view Videos streamed into the browser; downloading is necessary. Clicking a selected Video opens it’s Download page with all the available formats. Newer Videos are offered in 5 formats — .wmv, hi-res .wmv, Quicktime, RealPlayer and iPod (.mp4). Older Videos may be available for download only as 2 minute clips in mpeg format, but Susan intends to reissue the old Videos remastered to her new standards.

For example, the latest video update, “Sticky Mess – Tampa Bukkake”, is a 50 minute movie that can be downloaded as 12 short clips (about 4 min. ea. ), 4 medium clips (about 12 min. ea) or 2 long clips (about 25 minutes ea.); all offered in the 5 formats. PLUS the movie is offered for sale as a professionally mastered DVD for $24.95. …All these choices may seem like over-kill. . .but Susan CARES that her members have all the options they might want.

Total numbers of clips aside, I counted about 100 “real movies”; with the Majority serving up Interracial action and many featuring Susan joined by girlfriend Sluts. If Heaving Black & White floats your boat, SusanReno.com is the place to Cum.

Other Site Features:

Full Length Videos – An indescribable Mountain of content …

A Huge collection of quality, full-length Porn movies streamed into the browser at 325×250 in a choice of 4 video modes (Media Player, Flash, Quicktime and RealAudio), plus still-photo albums.

The Videos can be played scene by scene. . .Or play the whole thing with the full length option. There also is an option to expand the Video to full-screen. …The “Button” for the full screen option didn’t exactly work … In Flash mode I had to click the Flash Player’s own “full-screen button” while with Media Player, I double-clicked the video screen to get full-screen. Additions to the Full Length Videos are announced in the “Latest Updates”. …And under the Full Length Video movie list are 12 x-rated games including old arcade favorites with a twist — Asteroids is “Assteroids”, PacMan is “CuntMan.”

Bonus Web Girl Sites – A Diamond hidden in SusanReno.com membership … Full access to several other “amateur” Web Girls, including the randy Cunts in the ‘Swingerville’ Stable of Twat.

Tell Me More !

You get  ALL this…

  • “Fun Stuff” – Links to the x-rated games, plus naughty strip poker, blackjack and jigsaw puzzles — If you have the time, these games are really a kick.
  • “Latest Updates” – posted announcements every two days, or so, about site activities, content updates and additions.
  • Susan sells around 50 professionally mastered Amateur videos at Clips4sale, Clips.com, Hot Movies and AEBN. Non-member Guests also can access her video sales by links in the free Preview.
  • “Stories” – Erotic Stories contributed by others.
  • ‘The Amateur’ magazine – An Internet-based adult solo-girl and amateur website magazine.
  • “Sports/News” – Links to sports, news and other websites
  • Other: Desktop wallpapers, Hardcore “Pic of the Day”, Wacky weekly Horoscopes, “Fuckables” photo galleries for other WebGirls, and Cartoons, Gags, and other stuff.
  • Tho Susan doesn’t have WebCam shows, she’s on the road to shoot content and seems willing to meet and Fuck on film with those meeting her stipulations.
  • Susan is accessible through email.
  • Susan is Personally Accessible on her terms. . .She’s on the lookout to shoot content with people striking her fancy.

Susan has a small FAQ, a periodic Newsletter and “My Travels” accessed by obscure links off the free Tour. In the members area, I couldn’t find the first two items and stumbled over “My Travels” in the jigsaw puzzle area.

If you find the “My Travels” page, Susan posts announcements of her trips and appearances. . .with invitations to contact her for possible content shoots if you’re her type. But the links to that page are not easy to find and dates are posted without years so the posts I saw could be out-of-date.

The Site has quirks that need cleaning. Some titles are inconsistent. . .Video links labeled both “clips” and “mpegs”, for example. And occasionally I found obscure pages linking to features like “Travel”, “My Journal” and “Fuckables” missing from the Site’s mainstream pages. These kinks DON’T affect use of the Site — It’s like an easter egg hunt. . .following an odd link may lead to unexpected goodies.

Other than “Latest Updates”, the Site doesn’t have lots of Personal interaction from Susan. There are a some entries in a hard-to-find and inactive diary, “My Journal” and there’s no forum. Tho the Site doesn’t share much of her  Story,  check the “Fun Stuff” link (near the bottom) for the July, 2002 article from ‘California Swinger’ magazine with loads of skinny on Susan’s graduation to Interracial Cum laude-iness.

So the Site may not be draped thick with her personality . . . But Susan works her Fuckholes hard for fans and consistently delivers a stream of Gonzo Slut-fests. Members may not know her dog’s name but they know the next update will arrive soon stuffed with the Hardcore Interracial Porn they want.

Do SusanReno ?

Susan has a clear sense of Mission. She puts her Cunt on the line going on her back to collect Hardcore Interracial Fucking and delivers those goods at a Site that’s easy to use, packed with features and  (like Susan, herself)  Fun to rummage.

The Site has a couple page quirks — and it isn’t draped in personality.   Susan doesn’t invite you into the Kitchen for Tea.   BUT she does invite you onto the Front Lawn where several eager Black Dudes with Big Dicks are Boning her Holes every way possible.

So look at the Preview for Susan’s style…

If she sounds like your kinda Twat, GO FOR IT !

image of Toby's Tattle

Go to SusanReno.com
Visit: SusanReno


Score: SusanReno
Update Frequency: 90
Content Quantity: 85
Photographic Quality: 80
User Friendly: 80
Speed: 85
Site Sizzle: 75
Personality: 80
Freebie Extras:


Toby Tally  85

… Entertaining-Adults  Entertaining  Adults

Mar 202010

Better-Than-Sex Reviews™
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Category:  Hot Wife  (with an Interracial twist)

Toby Tally:  82

Date Reviewed : Mar. 10, 2010
Go to Janet-Exposed.com
Go to: Janet-Exposed
Go to Foot-Tease.com
Go to: Foot-Tease

  • By Credit Card or Bank Account Billing
  •    $24.99 for 1st 30 days, decreasing $3 /month, locking at $15.99
  •    $27.99–30 day, $59.99–90 day, $99.99–180 day, non-recurring
  • By Mail Order
  •    $27.99–30 day, $59.99–90 day, $99.99–180 day, $179.99–1 yr.,
  • By Phone
  •    $24.95–30 day, non-recurring – charged to Phone #

The Skinny on Janet-Exposed:

  • Pros:  Enthusiastic HotWife, Vivid Fetishes, 10-years of Content, Live & Archived Cam Shows
  • Cons:  A Few Bonus Features seem Stale, Photos Navigation needs Updating

Janet-Exposed.com is a personal adult website featuring a Prowling Wild Cat named  Janet. She’s a little lady with a big taste for Interracial Lust, Big Cock Worship, Sexy Feet, Young Men, Girl2Girl, and more. And she has two settings. . .Ritz and Raw.

Janet’s Pussy’s got the jones for ” No-strings-attached sex with significantly younger white guys and well-endowed black men. ” … And she’s a ” cum-queen size-queen and foot fetish domme. ” Her Site offers members a dozen years worth of Images from her Sexy lifestyle.

( And Janet-Exposed has a separate sister Web Site, Foot-Tease.com dedicated to a decade of fascination with Janet’s Feetsies.  Janet sez; ” …Foot Tease (1998-2005) was one of the very first amateur foot fetish websites and soon achieved iconic status. Due to popular demand, I am proud to announce the official “reboot” of the site…Now bigger and better than ever ! ” )

Her free Preview gives Shoppers a thorough peek at Janet-Exposed. Though the Preview doesn’t have big loads of freebie content, it radiates a ton of Personality. Although I didn’t find any free Video Clips, the Dozens of still pictures and content previews in the “Free Photos”, “What’s New” and “Store” tell enough about Looks and Style to decide the membership question.

If you crave her Tuna, Order from Janet-Exposed !

( Or Go with  Foot-Tease.com  if you prefer Janet’s Sole ! )

Who’s Janet ?

Janet is a Redhead, Blue-eyed Hot Wife who hunts the big game. . .Buff Studs, Lean Collegians and Big Dicks. Though petite (5′-3″, 32DD-23-35) Janet sports a trophy 34D Rack, silver-dollar Nipples, glowing, tanned Skin, an amazingly commodious Clam and worship-worthy legs and Feet. For body mods., Janet isn’t partial to tatt’s or piercings, though her Belly-Button boasts a stud.

For Fuckholes; Janet packs her Thong with a pale, tight-lipped Snatch always eager for a goooooD Stretch and an enthusiastic R*sebud that adores attention. Janet’s Clit prefers the company of long, thick Cocks. . .In fact, what she accommodates in her Crotch is quite stunning.

Tho it’s often up, Janet has long, flowing hair. . .Hair down and no makeup, she’s a Firecracker. And when beamed from the Heart, her smile is Million Dollar.

Janet sez; ” Although people who don’t know me well tend to assume from my appearance that I’m no more than an innocent little “Soccer Mom” type, those close to me…know far better. 😉 Yes, it’s true to a point … I am sweet-tempered and I am a classic “Soccer Mom” type, right down to the minivan I drive the kids around in. If you met me on the street, you’d never guess that I’d be the type to own and operate my own adult web site. ” …And she’s been spreading her legs Online since before the turn-of-the-century. . .1998 actually.

Women who take a huge Cock sometimes have a look of “taking one for the team”. . .the look on Janet’s face always is Pleasure. A petite lady, she often is tossed like a rag doll by the big, buff dudes banging her, but her limber body takes a licking and keeps on Fucking. In addition to worshiping Big Cocks, Janet’s a MILF on the prowl for SILF’s (Sons I’ld Like to Fuck). . .This slinky Cougar has a Passion for Hunting and Humping the suitably  “young-dumb-and-fullacum.”  ( I wonder if she’s gonna add DILF’s to her menu ?? )

This little lady doesn’t do Sex small — thousands of images slap your face with her Big appetite for BIG Sex. But there’s obviously another aspect of Janet at the Site. As she sez; “I’ve always loved being a woman…not just a “female”…and I revel in my femininity. I love to dress up in pretty things, wear lots of jewelry, put on a dab of sexy perfume in strategic places and just have men admire me as a woman. It’s the perfect soft side of things to balance out the hot & sweaty, kinky side of my personality…and they both compliment each other well, don’t you think ? ” Janet is  — at one moment, a Gentlewoman daintily sitting in Grace and Glamour  — and at another, a sweaty Slut fully enclosing an 11-inch Boner. I like it that way.

What’s Janet-Exposed.com Got ?

Janet is a Glamorous and Sweaty Swinger who serves up more than a decade of her Sex Life to members. Scanning through the content leaves a sense of evolution. . .Lots of first’s there; 1st Cougar pounce, 1st public Exhibition, 1st Cue-ball Clam shave … — Simultaneously, the Site is Hardcore thrills and documentary record.

Janet’s content includes Interracial Lust, Big Cock Worship, Ass Play, Facials, Girl2Girl, Sexy Feet n’Legs, Glamour, Exhibitionism, Bareback, Outfit themes, Cougar (Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson) and More.

She promises to update the Members area once or twice per week with some combination of new photos and video clips.

I appreciate Janet’s content – the competing kink and glam, her sexual journey, the vivid Fetishes. Judgments on a Site’s pictorial style are individual; Janet’s format and offerings chronicle the evolution of her Sexual Life AND of technology, so please check it out yourself.

The “Photo” and “Video” layouts are not fancy — things are simple here.

Photos:   Clicking the “Photos” link leads directly to the Latest Picture Set displayed as a page of thumbnails. Click each thumbnail to display the large picture. On my browser, the large picture zoomed in bigger when I clicked it. . .earlier (smaller) pictures don’t zoom. There no “Previous/Next” navigation between the full-sized pictures; they must be viewed one thumbnail at a time, a tad tedious. Click the browser back button to return to the thumbnails for another selection.

At the thumbnail page of the latest Picture Set, click the “Photo Archive” link to get to the page listing titles for ALL the preceding Picture Sets. Click a title to display the thumbnail page for that Picture Set. View those pictures by clicking the thumbnails, as with the latest Picture Set. Scanning quickly, there appear to be 280+ Picture Sets, back to 1998.

In the Archive, the Picture Sets closer to the bottom (I assume they’re older) had about 20+/- pictures at 732×476, or so, resolution (the bottom Set had 25 pics). New Picture Sets, near the top, had about 40+/- pictures at 900×600, or so (the top Set had 45). A single photo shoot theme may span several Picture sets. The Pictures can be downloaded using the “Right-Click” menu. Each Picture Set is captioned, and usually is dated somewheres. . .if not in the caption, then in the download filename. Photos must be viewed one at a time, there are no slide show or zip-archive download options. Many of the new picture sets are collections of video stills.

Videos:   Clicking the “Videos” link leads directly to the latest Video displayed in a page offering format selections to stream it in the browser or to download it in Windows .wmv or Mac .mov versions. Use the “Right-Click” menu to download Videos as files. Later Videos have thumbnail slide-show Previews, while earlier Videos have still thumbnails.

At the latest Video’s page, click the “Video Archive” link to get to the page listing ALL the preceding Videos. Click a title to display that Video’s page. Scanning quickly, there appear to be 240+ videos dating back (I think) to about 2002. Earlier videos are cut into short clips for easier download (at the time) and might be download-only, with no streaming. Streaming seems to appear as an option about 2006. Later Videos are sized at 720×480, or so (not stunning size for today). . .earlier at 352×262, or so. The Videos have captions and usually are dated somewhere, if not on the Video’s page, then in the download filename.

… Janet is Incredible. Now honestly. In the current latest Video, “Mann Meat In The Morning!”; Look at Janet’s petite bod and look at that  Sausage. . .How can all that Meat disappear ??… Now, That’s Entertainment ! …

Other Site Features:

Janet-Exposed Scheduled Live Cam Shows on “AmateurCamz Camz” (PrivateCamz.com): Though I didn’t catch a Live Show, Janet sez; ” As often as my schedule permits, I try to host a free web cam show 4 times a month for my members. “

Janet’s Private Cam Sessions on PrivateCamz.com: Though I didn’t try it, one-on-one cam sessions with Janet can be set up through PrivateCamz.com.

Tell Me More !

But Is There More ??   In a word. . .You Betcha There’s MORE…

  • Janet provides links to some or all of the brimming ocean of PrivateCamz content…
  • Other Girl’s Scheduled Live Cam Shows on “AmateurCamz Camz” (PrivateCamz.com): “24/7 access to cam shows from hundreds of other girls”
  • “What’s New” : A meticulously current log of Site Updates and Activities going back to 2006
  • Janet’s willing to share what makes her tick in a huge, personally-revealing FAQ and a big Bio, “About Me”.
  • “Members Video FAQ” : Video clips of Janet’s Hardcore answers to member questions. . .The latest one I saw was dated 2004 so this innovative twist on FAQ’s might be discontinued.
  • Blog: Janet’s Blog covers the Personal scoop on Janet. . .though some months the entries can be a little sparse.
  • Mailing List: Janet sez; ” Join my mailing list to keep abreast of my travel schedule, new video releases and other key events at my site ! “
  • “Featured Guest”: Bonus Picture Sets from Janet’s Web Girl friends. There is just one displayed, from a year ago, and the “Featured Guest Archive” is empty.
  • “Artwork” : A small gallery for fan art
  • ‘Wife Watch’ : Online magazine for Amateurs, Swingers and Voyeurs (but the latest issue seems to be Jan.’09)
  • Membership is for Janet-Exposed only, no Bonus Adult Site access.
  • The Site doesn’t have a Forum. But with so much content, who’ld have time for one anyways ??
  • Janet is accessible through her Scheduled Cam Shows, Private Cam Sessions, and email.

In the FAQ Janet sez; ” I am not able to meet fans one-on-one “just to meet”. The only time fans can meet me on a social-only basis just to chit-chat is when I attend one of the various adult industry expos or conferences (such as AVN) …. Any such events I plan to attend are always posted in detail on the Travels page …. “

Janet is Personally Accessible on her terms. . .She’s on the lookout to shoot content with Guys or Dolls who strike her fancy and occasionally posts Casting Calls at the Site. She gives a rundown of what she’s expecting and where she expects it.

The Site has a Store selling amateur adult videos of Janet in action in DVD’s and Downloads (& some VHS). Janet sez; ” You can read detailed descriptions and see a ton of hot, explicit stills of each video, plus read reviews from respected, serious and well-known 3rd-party adult video review sites ! ” The selections I glanced at ran 30 to 70 minutes. Also sold is a large selection of glossy, 8×10 Autographed Photos. Order Online or by Mail… …And check out the Store’s 20% Discount for Members !!

The Store also is open for Guests. . .Shop there even if you don’t join. PLUS, her “Clips4Sale” Store sells a selection of Janet’s Sizzling Videos, including iPod Movies. These clips seem to be offered only in the Guest’s “Free Preview”. . .from there, click “LINKS” on the left Sidebar to get to them.

Do Janet-Exposed ?

Janet is a Live Wire with many Kinks, all fully documented. . .She has two equally appealing sides — Glam and Slut. …PLUS, Janet is personable and responsive to members, the Site has years of content to enjoy and her store is brimming with her work.

Some corners of the Site might be a little dusty, but the important ones are hopping with Real Life Hardcore content. Tour the Preview thoroughly to check out Janet’s look, personality and style.

Then if she sounds like your kinda Twat, GO FOR IT !

( Or Hotfoot over to  Foot-Tease.com  if your Fetish has ten  Toes ! )

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Score: Janet-Exposed
Update Frequency: 90
Content Quantity: 85
Photographic Quality: 70
User Friendly: 75
Speed: 85
Site Sizzle: 80
Personality: 90
Freebie Extras:


Toby Tally  82

… Entertaining-Adults  Entertaining  Adults