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Category:  Web Girl – Solo  (with an Asian twist)

Toby Tally:  79

Date Reviewed : May 12, 2010
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The Skinny on LanaLeesWorld:

  • Pros:  Enthusiastic Sinner-in-Training, Variety, New Site has Running Start, Free Web Shows
  • Cons:  Content Display/Navigation needs Tweaking, More Personal Info would be welcomed is a fresh NEW personal adult website featuring the Chinese fox, Lana, who’s a lean, dark-eyed Doll with glamor up the ying-yang. Thing is. . .she’s a good girl who wants to go bad and wants members watching as she commits each new Sin.    IN FACT — as I wrote this review, she filmed and posted her FIRST Lesbian hookup !!!

Lana sez; ” I Love showing off and I record everything I do just for my members.. So you’ll see hours of my personal videos and tons of pics..ranging from cute softcore teasing all the way up to triple XXX hardcore ! I’m not a professional Porn Star..just a horny amateur girl who loves showing off.. I Show you Everything..Teasing..Sucking..and Fucking..indoors and out.. “

Lana’s free Preview has several sample video clips and enlargeable thumbnails of recent Updates (just look how small her waist is). There also are pictures from her Girlfriend’s updates and a bit of personal info. Though not packed with free content, what’s there provides more than enough of her Look, Personality and Style to decide if Lana is for you…

If you want a Hot Asian chick zipping down Sin’s slippery slope, enter LanaLeesWorld !

Who’s Lana ?

There are 3 kinds of girls. . .good girls, bad girls and good-girls-gone-bad. Lana Lee is the third type. . .She left a respectable family and cozy home in a nice Hong Kong neighborhood to indulge nasty secret urges in the Wicked West (a.k.a. the ” United Kingdom “). Like Oliver Twist, Lana fell under the influence of vile Englishmen intent on her corruption. But unlike Oliver Twist, so far Lana has enjoyed her fall from grace, especially the public Cum drenchings, and aspires to fall much farther, only faster.

Lana is a Dark-eyed Beauty with straight black hair framing her face and draping shoulders and back. She hasn’t posted full statistics yet but appears tall, with long, lean arms, legs and torso, a narrow (24″ ?) waist and slim hips. Each Tit is a generous handful topped with a plump, deliciously-dark Nipple. Smooth Skin hugs her statuesque frame, which is remarkably slender but avoids a bony “waif” look. Lean Pussy bumpers frame Lana’s closed-lip Smile-of-a-Thousand-Delights and it’s all topped by a pubic mound that sometimes sports a wide but close-cropped bush and sometimes is shaved hairless (both styles suit Lana, though I slightly prefer smooth). Long, elegant fingers are tipped with beautiful nails that she keeps natural rather than painted. I didn’t notice any intimate body mods. . .Hopefully future video or photo updates will include trips to the tatt parlor for some Hot piercings.

For Fuckholes; Lana has pouty lips, best when colored bright red and a tight-lipped Pussy that locks Cock like a chinese-finger-puzzle. Her Butthole is a shy mystery usually kept tucked between taut, rounded buns. Lana’s Clit keeps out of sight but I know that  ( like Lana )  it’s a naughty Girl and  ( like Lana )  needs a good Spanking.

LanaLeesWorld recently opened on line in Feb. 2010. Despite the newness, Lana has a running start on posting content and stamping the Site with personality and style.

Lana sez; ” Hi Guys ! My name is Lana and this is my own personal website.. In my own country I’m a respectable and polite girl.. But since moving to the West I’ve discovered a side of me that I didn’t know existed.. The freedom here has allowed me to express my sexuality in ways I couldn’t imagine before.. Every sexual fantasy I have ever had is laid out for you here on my site. ”    Not just fantasies that are laid out for members. . .Lana, herself, is Laid-out in spreads that keep getting better.

What’s Got ?

LanaLeesWorld members are a sensitive bunch who. . .much like an audience at the musical “Oliver!”. . .sit watching depraved influences on a young innocent and hope someone will help. Only with Lana, everyone hopes the “help” is three more horse-hung dudes or a Hot chick sporting a Strap-on (I’m hoping Justine — the petite British Tart bouncing on the bed in JustinesBedroom — is the Twat who Pops Lana’s girlfriend Cherry).

Lana sez; ” ‘There is nothing I wont try.’ Follow me on my sexual adventures as I suck and fuck my way around the World. You won’t be Disappointed !!! ” Given that commendable attitude, I’m sure there’ll be Cum-load after Cum-load of  “help”  for Lana Lee.

Her content features Cock Worship, Facials, Creampies, Insertions, Exhibitionism, Dress up, Role-play, BDSM (mild, so far), Nawty School-girl, and More. …And that’s only after a couple months. This Chick is still “finding” herself so there’s no telling what trouble she’ll get into. . . Lesbian ?, Gangbang ?, Anal?, Swing?

I didn’t find Ass Play and she confessed to never playing with a girlfriend. But Lana is like a schoolgirl courting corruption who, though not yet in deep with Headmistress or the Nuns, is eager for all the wicked sin a slutty-minded girl can find. Such a naughty girl is sure to share each first taste of vice and every blot on her record with lucky members.

And to keep members smiling, Lana also updates with contributions from guest girlfriends doing the nasty things she hasn’t done yet.

I like Lana’s content (especially the sense of escalating naughtiness). There’s an amateur quality to her work that many guys and dolls get off on — where that panting dude working the camera was the one whose Bone got Smoked a second ago. But judgments on a Site’s pictorial style are individual. . .Lana’s format and offerings target her audience so please check it out yourself.

My Photos:   Lana’s photos, featuring all the vices she’s learned so far, are listed with title, date and picture count in a Picture Set gallery displaying 12 thumbnails to a page over 4 pages, with Previous/Next navigation between pages, for a total of 43 Sets (so far). Clicking a Picture Set selection displays large thumbnails of that Set’s pictures displayed 12 to a page over one or more pages. Clicking a desired thumbnail displays that picture with Previous/Next navigation between the pictures. Currently there seems to be only a single choice of picture size and that is very large, up to 1549×1037, which invariably overflows the browser window. A selected Picture Set also can be downloaded as a zip-archive from the thumbnail display page(s).

The ways the photos are displayed and navigated need minor improvements. Members who scan through Picture Sets using the thumbnails will find viewing up to 250+ thumbnail pictures displayed 12 to a page across 21+ pages is tedious. Fortunately the thumbnails are relatively large so looking through them that way isn’t wasted effort. Also the current single photo size typically is too big to display the entire picture in the browser window. Adding smaller versions of the pictures simplifies and improves the member’s viewing experience. Once at a Picture Set’s display of thumbnails there’s not a link to get back to the Picture Set gallery, one must navigate back to there using the browser “Back” button or return to gallery’s first page by clicking the main “My Photos” link. A link at the thumbnail display level to get back to the point where a member left the Picture Set gallery would be convenient. I make these comments only because most WebGirl sites avoid those inconveniences

My Videos:   Lana’s videos are listed with a title, length, date and short caption in a gallery displaying 12 thumbnails to a page over 5 pages, with Previous/Next navigation between pages, for total of 49 videos (so far). Clicking on a video selection goes to another page where comments and ratings can be entered. Again clicking on the desired video’s thumbnail leads a video streaming window in the browser. At this point, instructions also are provided for downloading the video in .wmv format using the “Right Click” mouse menu. Video clips are long, typically more than 10 minutes and often exceeding 20 minutes. Video quality is good (though not the Hi-Def people expect nowadays) and the picture is large. . .one I checked was 720×576.

There were some minor glitches in the videos. Strangely, the latest video update, “Bathroom Face Fuck” downloads as a Picture Set zip-archive rather than a video, and it neither opens as a zip file nor plays as a video. Streaming video (in .wmv format) didn’t work at all in my Firefox browser. The Site warns that streaming may not work in Firefox but I’ve never had that problem before. . .Streaming did work in Internet Explorer. The “Kitchen_HD.wmv” video I downloaded (presumably a wide screen Hi-Def) was formated wrong and played back distorted with the wrong aspect ratio — the image was too narrow and tall. The video’s I watched didn’t display titles at the beginning. Without displaying titles when played, the videos’ original subjects soon are forgotten; they eventually get mixed together on the hard drive until you’ve got not idea what anything is. Plus the downloads’ file names often are cryptic ID’s like “Si_2.wmv” so they don’t help. . .though in fairness, downloads from many other sites come with gibberish file names. Finally …just a suggestion… the intermediate display page (for comments and ratings) before the streaming video window might be eliminated so clicking the selected thumbnail at the video gallery page goes directly to its streaming/download page. I do like the “Here are a few hot sets for you:” suggestions on that intermediate page.

Downloading Picture Sets and Videos was fast enough to keep me satisfied, especially considering the video files are very large, up to 260+ MB’s. While I’m on the subject, the streamed video picture is a bit small, which could mean this brand-new Site currently doesn’t have the bandwidth needed for larger… …In fairness, many sites don’t have streaming at all. Although it is “Amateur”, the image quality and technique both were pleasing, avoiding a “snap shot” look. Lana mentioned modeling, so she probably has experience composing shots and striking poses. As for the “rough edges” I found, I’m sure they will be smoothed as LanaLeesWorld matures.

Other Site Features:

LanaLeesWorld Scheduled Live Cam Shows on “”: Though I didn’t catch a Live Show, TWICE each week Lana is supposed to broadcast a free cam show for her members. Lana sez; ” …There is nothing I like more than stripping and spreading while you watch..I perform 2 Free Live Cam Shows per week just for my members..You’ll even get to see me getting fucked ‘Live’ I take requests from my members and I love trying new tell me all your horny fantasies and I’ll do my best to oblige.. “

The Cam Show schedule is posted on the “My Webcam” page. Keeping to the twice-a-week schedule has been somewhat sporadic over the two month life of the Site — But then in the last two weeks (and as I do this review) she’s been traveling in Asia and, understandably, couldn’t broadcast.

Lana’s Private Cam Sessions: Though I didn’t try it, apparently a one-on-one with Lana can be set up.

Tell Me More !

Let me tell U more…

  • My Diary – Lana sez; ” I Love to interact with my members and I update my personal Diary everyday.. I describe to you in detail all my horny adventures ! “
  • Members can Comment and Vote on the Videos and other content so Lana knows what’s popular.
  • Membership is for only, no Bonus Web Girl Site access. However, guest Twats sometimes contribute updates to her Site.
  • Lana is accessible through her Scheduled Cam Shows, Private Cam Sessions, Yahoo Messenger and email.

Other than the Diary and some scattered statements, the Site doesn’t have much personal info on Lana, as in a Bio or FAQ. I’m sure “The Lana Lee Story” is fascinating and I’m dying to hear it. Since it’s a new Site, Lana is probably still busy revealing more  ” of ”  herself but hopefully will reveal more  ” about ”  herself as time passes. …Also, Lana doesn’t have a Forum or Message Board. I like seeing the interaction between members and the WebGirl, but then member’s often ignore forums anyways.

Similarly, Lana probably hasn’t had time to declare positions on such things as public appearances, physical accessibility by members, selling personal merchandise, a wishlist, etc… — But as a wise man (me !) said… Answers to such timeless questions will come, like a doctor, to he or she who is patient.

Do LanaLeesWorld ?

Lana is Hot as a firecracker and off to good start. . .though, like all Naughty girls, she needs a sound spanking on her naked Bum with a hairbrush or a braided leather belt.

LanaLeesWorld is new and there are some minor rough edges that surely will be smoothed as the Site matures. Regardless, it’s worth the price of membership to witness the continuing corruption of this formerly “polite girl” from a respectable family and good neighborhood. The best part is members discover right along with Lana just how far down the Road to Perdition she’s willing to go.

So cruise through the free Preview to get a sense of Lana’s look, personality and style…

If she sounds like your kinda Twat, GO FOR IT !

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Score: LanaLeesWorld ( *  new site)
Update Frequency: 90
Content Quantity: 75*
Photographic Quality: 80
User Friendly: 75
Speed: 80
Site Sizzle: 75
Personality: 80*
Freebie Extras:


Toby Tally  79